China Makeup Remover Market Continues to Grow In 2022 H1

Natural and safe, fine skin care and diversified efficacy will probably become the main trend in the future development of makeup removal products.

The previous Tmall Innovation Center’s “Makeup Remover and Cleanser Market Trends Insight Report” pointed out that makeup remover products still maintain a higher growth rate of 24.9% into 2021. Among the beauty categories, the Top 10 brands of makeup remover have the highest concentration, which shows Pareto Principle.

According to rihuayun data, in the first half of this year, half of the top 10 online makeup removal brands were Chinese brands and half were international brands, of which five were Chinese brands, namely Zhuben, Zhiben, KIMTRUE, MAYCREATE, and Perfectdiary. There are five international brands, namely Maybelline, Bioderma, BANILA CO, Nursery, and L’OREAL. Maybelline and L’Oreal are both brands of the L’Oreal Group. The top 10 brands accounted for 46% of the sales, of which the Top 5 brands accounted for 32.3%.

From a market perspective, makeup remover oils and creams have replaced makeup remover water as the object of consumer chase. This change brings development opportunities for Chinese domestic brands and may reverse the situation that the Chinese makeup remover market is dominated by international brands.

As more and more brands enter the market one after another, the makeup remover market is getting more and more lively. Data shows that the number of makeup remover products filed in 2021 increased by 12% year-on-year. The number of makeup remover product brands on the market is increasing and products are constantly being updated and iterated. Brand businesses choose quality skin care products ODM developed and created by the makeup remover oil OEM products, which is conducive to enhancing brand competitiveness and occupying more market share.

Meanwhile, Chinese makeup remover products, after going through the 1.0 stage where cleaning is the main demand, have started to move towards the 2.0 stage where natural and gentle, removing and nourishing are combined. Data shows that the consumption of mild makeup remover products has increased more than 7 times in two years.

According to “CBNData: 2021 Makeup Removal Trends White Paper”, in the future, under the background of the gradual homogenization of makeup removal products, natural safety, fine skin care, and diversified efficacy will become the main trend of the future development of makeup removal products.

The “China Makeup Remover Market Demand and Investment Planning Analysis Report” survey shows that by 2023, China’s makeup remover market size is expected to reach 20.9 billion yuan($2.93 billion). As a bridging category of makeup and skincare, makeup remover has become a hot track on the east wind of industry development.



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