China’s First Recombinant Pearl Adhesive Protein Registered

Recently, the Medical Device Technical Review Center of the National Medical Products Administration in China released the latest registration list of main documents for medical device raw materials. The main document for “Recombinant Pearl Adhesive Protein Solution Raw Material” submitted by Shenzhen Paml Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Paml Biotech) has been registered, making it the first Chinese domestic enterprise to complete the registration of the main document for “Recombinant Pearl Adhesive Protein” as a medical device raw material.

This registration of the main document will facilitate the development and registration of medical device products using recombinant pearl adhesive protein as a core material, significantly reducing the time for downstream product development and market entry. It will also enhance the market recognition and visibility of pearl adhesive protein as a star ingredient for indications such as wound repair, anti-inflammation, and anti-allergy.

It is reported that natural pearl adhesive protein is hailed as the “soft gold in the ocean.” Pearl adhesive protein is rich in amino acids with positive charges and DOPA groups (3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine), which can effectively promote wound healing, remove reactive oxygen species, inhibit inflammation, and provide soothing and anti-itch properties.

Compared to the potential environmental pollution, complexity of product composition, and product stability issues that may arise from traditional extraction methods of marine pearls, Bayin Biotech has designed various types of recombinant pearl adhesive proteins through synthetic biology technology. These products meet the standards of medical biomaterial purity while significantly reducing costs while significantly improving efficacy.

Public information shows that Palm Biotech was established in 2021 and is committed to developing bio-based materials and related products, providing customers with safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly solutions. Currently, they have taken the lead in achieving industrialization of innovative bio-materials such as recombinant pearl adhesive protein and CA viscous polysaccharides.

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