Chinese Beauty is Spreading the World

When consumers and beauty enthusiasts get these colorful makeup palettes and hear their story, they will realize: that this is not just a palette to make us beautiful, but also a precipitation of Chinese beauty culture.

With the change of time and cultural exchange, people increasingly find that different cultures and aesthetic interests will give birth to different makeup styles. As Chinese cosmetics brands go global and Chinese style gradually steps up the international stage, “Chinese makeup” is also emerging in the international mainstream fashion field of European, American, Japanese and Korean makeup and also attracted widespread attention and heated discussion in the international social media.

Chinese makeup was first launched on YouTube. You can see a lot of related words when you input Chinese makeup on Japanese YouTube. Even, the mainstream Japanese fashion magazine seventeen made a special column on Chinese makeup making “Chinese makeup” from an online vocabulary into the mainstream in Japanese beauty.

What is “Chinese makeup”? Chinese makeup has some features: skin-like foundation, natural-looking eyebrows, and obvious lip makeup. This kind of makeup can show a sober and steady woman with elegance and sophistication. Japanese netizens feel that Chinese makeup is graceful and the eyebrow makeup embodies an independent aura of women without losing sharpness, which is not weak and not flattering.

The Chinese aesthetic gain more and more people’s recognition.

In recent years, the Chinese have never given up on the exploration of Chinese aesthetic colors and have been slowly taking over the place of aesthetics in their own way.

When it comes to aesthetics and culture, China had relied on its own cultural heritage for a thousand years. Chinese beauty enjoys a natural feeling and far-reaching frame – thousands of years of weathering formed by the strange and steep landscapes, there are magnificent glaciers and mountains stretching, there are unique born in this land of magical animals ……

The beauty of beauty lies in the color and matching, all of which represent Chinese temperament and culture.

How can we make Chinese makeup blend with traditional Chinese aesthetics maintaining richness and character in color while showing enchanting charisma and inner stories? The approach of the Chinese makeup brand Perfect Diary is worth exploring.

In traditional Chinese culture, the Manchurian crane is revered as a sacred bird symbolizing good luck, longevity, and fidelity, and the bird can be seen frequently in Chinese myths and legends.

The palette’s color palette is inspired by the image of a black-and-white, red-crowned crane in a reed bush just as the sun rises in the morning. The color palette is also very compatible with Chinese people.

In addition to its beauty and harmony with the makeup, Perfect Diary chose the bird to bring more attention to the story of the endangered animal, the Manchurian crane. In its own way, this palette of eye shadows is calling on everyone to protect the wetlands and guard the endangered Manchurian crane. Drawing their coloring, they appeal to that don’t forget to let them fly more freely.

Perfect Diary has never stopped exploring the discovery of animals in the Chinese story.

In 2021, a fox enjoying itself in the playground gained the hearts of countless people. The “fox” has always been a beautiful and mysterious being in the hearts of the Chinese. The key to those Chinese legendary stories about foxes is not only the charm of the fox itself, but also the stories of women who are full of true nature, wisdom, and the courage to love and hate.

Perfect Diary’s “Red Fox” red-brown eyeshadow palette conveys the idea that contemporary women should be like the fox as independent, spirited, beautiful, and self-aware.

As Zhaozhao, the creative director of Perfect Diary’s visual department, said, “Both the Manchurian crane and the Fox are creatures unique to China. But each time we narrate a story, we shape the story behind it to be fuller, rather than just focusing on whether it is a Chinese animal or not.” Perfect Diary’s understanding of things unique to China is not one-sided, but three-dimensional.

There is really so much beauty that can be told from these stories in Chinese culture as well as our knowledge of color and our experience of observation of all things natural.

Chinese unique and traditional colors like gray like clouds in the dusk, white like fish belly, pale pinkish purple, diaphanous green, and soft yellow. The love of Chinese poets for mountains and trees is hidden in the poems describing colors.

Remembering these beautiful color descriptions, Perfect Diary has collaborated with Chinese National Geography to create four co-branded limited editions “Perfect Diary Geographic Eyeshadows” that are highly representative of Chinese beauty, using nature as the source of inspiration.

Nature’s brushstrokes of color revealing a calm atmosphere and oriental charm are all included in this series of eyeshadows, which are unbelievably beautiful. Perfect Diary has been exploring the modern expression of Chinese aesthetics in the midst of a vast and boundless world.

Recently, Perfect Diary also launched the new “Butterfly” Purple Palette inspired by the butterflies that flutter in the spring garden.

Not only does it respond to the changes of the season, but the dreamy colors also capture the vibrant life of spring

If you simply extract the pink and purple color scheme of butterflies and gardens, it is not compatible for Asian people. But Perfect Diary has improved the color palette and reduced the saturation based on the exploration of popular colors making it more suitable for Asian skin tones, and the powder is more delicate for makeup application.

Perfect Diary does pile up popularity without consideration but constantly improves the technology to make it both good-looking and practical.

Inspired by colors that originated in China and are used by Chinese people while exported around the world, Perfect Diary is committed to establishing a true C-beauty – we see the ambition of this Chinese beauty brand.

When consumers and beauty enthusiasts get these colorful makeup palettes and hear their story, they will realize: that this is not just a palette to make us beautiful, but also a precipitation of Chinese beauty culture.

Chinese people’s understanding of makeup is becoming advanced. Chinese aesthetics is influencing the world.



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