Chinese Fragrance Brand TSICY Goes for Oriental Moods

Chinese fragrance brand TSICY has launched a new fragrance of the Ta Xiang series, Jasmine Heart, which is a citrus-floral fragrance that claims to last for 8 hours. The product is sold on a WeChat mini program for 399 yuan ($60). The brand’s products are positioned as Chinese characteristic botanical fragrances. Its chief perfumer has 30 years of experience in perfumery and has worked for famous fragrance companies like Givaudan.

The series debuted in March 2022, and its collaboration with internationally renowned independent perfumer, and perfume industry “Oscar” FIFI award winner Nathalie Feisthauer. The inspiration for the first fragrance “Pei Lan Dang Gui” is “Peilan attracts butterflies”, which compares a long-staying butterfly to a wanderer who is missing his hometown, meaning “when living in another country, but his heart has a hometown”, while Pei Lan is a precious Chinese medicinal herb.

The perfumer combined the scent of angelica, bay leaf, mugwort, and many other oriental herbs to create a sense of leisure and fun in the spring.

The bottle design of the “Stone in the Stream” is inspired by the stacked pebbles in the stream, which is the original design of the brand, signifying “the natural scent drawn from the forest stream”. The outer packaging of the product uses Chinese characters as the elements, combining the beauty of natural dynamics such as wind, fog, and smoke, interpreting the brand’s positioning of “writing oriental, plant fragrance”.

China is an ancient aromatic country, with the reputation of being “the land of fragrance”. China’s aromatic culture has a long history of more than 5,000 years and is one of the genes of oriental life aesthetics. In this context, the main oriental plant fragrance brand TSICY was officially launched in June 2020, and the brand has achieved rapid and steady development in just one year, entering the TOP list of perfume subcategories on many platforms.

Several of the founders of TSICY are industry veterans and serial entrepreneurs: MAX is a former executive of P&G and SC Johnson Max and the founder of the book-sharing platform “Reading on the Road”. Ding Bangqing was the president of the No. 1 Chinese advertising stock, the provincial broad group, and is also China’s top brand strategy expert; Liu Xiongjian is a P&G alumnus and co-founder of Plant View, and also the vice chairman of Guangdong Cosmetic Association. They also have a common label: Chinese aroma culture enthusiasts.

Compared to general perfume brands, TSICY’s brand barriers lie in the advantages of the whole industry chain in raw materials, technology and product development – TSICY(similar pronunciation of Qixi), which belongs to the Qixidi Fangxiang Group, has a wild aromatic plant base covering an area of 8 million square meters and the only commercial fragrance science and technology research institute in China, and the intangible cultural heritage Lingnan ancient incense-making techniques.

It can be said that Qixidi is the origin of the TSICY. With 327 species of wild aromatic plants, Qixidi is a natural treasure trove of aromatic raw materials, providing a rich source of inspiration and materials for fragrance creation. Qixidi’s thousand-year heritage of oriental fragrance culture also allows the brand’s products to incorporate more oriental aesthetics and cultural expression. These resources offer TSICY a unique advantage in user understanding, scent inspiration, and fragrance innovation.

The brand is dedicated to the heritage of Chinese aromatic culture following the ancient method of making natural incense and is committed to creating more oriental characteristics of fragrance. “We have the heritage of non-heritage incense-making skills, and we will spare no effort to do this. We think this direction should be one of the creative directions for oriental fragrances.” The head of the brand was introduced.

TSICY’s positioning is very clear and focused, only doing things related to “fragrance”. At present, the brand mainly focuses on perfume but also has other categories such as aromatherapy and perfume candles. Among them, the star product of TSICY is the “Oriental Love Letter Gift Box”, a series of Yijing jointly created by the brand and WeChat’s head self-media “Shu Dan”, which was launched on Chinese Valentine’s Day to convey the idea of “reading love in the scent”.

Inspired by Chinese reading culture, the gift box is shaped like a book and contains three fragrances: Peach Blossom Sandalwood with floral and fruity woody notes, Snow Dipped Camellia with floral notes, and Misty Moon and Bamboo Shadow with herbal and woody notes. The team took the poem as inspiration when creating the fragrance, and joined hands with international fragrance giants Givaudan and others to jointly create the fragrance, interpreting the beauty of different Eastern moods.

It is worth noting that for TSICY, online and offline channels are both interrelated and empowering to each other, so the brand is also developing in a two-pronged way in parallel. At present, TSICY has been entered in Tmall, TikTok, and Xiaohongshu platforms. In offline channels, it has also been sold in a number of beauty collection stores and life goodies collections and occupies the TOP list of segmented perfume categories in each channel.




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