Chinese High-tech Anti-aging Brand MAYSU “Set Its Foot on the Aerospace”

On the afternoon of April 18, Zou Yue, the deputy general manager of the R&D center of China cosmetics company JALA, attended the online sharing meeting about China’s trend, unveiling the group’s research and application exploration of outer space skincare technology and also telling the story of JALA’s high-tech anti-ageing brand MAYSU and space.

Mr Zou said that JALA has studied the cosmetic raw material “Space Ginseng Yeast” through cooperation with space agencies and applied it to its own brand MAYSU to launch the “advanced skin regeneration and repair”. In addition, a space cream (“PLUM BLOSSOM”) under MAYSU was selected for female astronauts in space.

According to MAYSU’s official website, the brand originated in Shanghai and originated from the praise of modern Chinese women in the heart. As an original high-end beauty brand in China, it is committed to creating anti-ageing products that integrate high technology, high efficacy, high concentration, and high value.

MAYSU also perfectly integrates the essence of oriental beauty and the world’s cutting-edge technology, starting from the culture, diet, and skin characteristics of oriental people and creating tailor-made cosmetics with “Wu Gan Liu Jue” (Wu Gan usually refers to the sense of respect, nobility, security, comfort and pleasure felt by the customer. Liu Jue refers to sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste and subconscious perception.) and excellent efficacy for oriental women, thus fully meeting their desire for beauty. Since 2001, MAYSU has been engaged in professional beauty, fully listening to the voices of oriental women, and is committed to integrating the ultimate oriental aesthetics into every detail of brand spirit, visual expression, and product development.

MAYSU has a long history with space. On June 11, 2013, JALA, the parent company of MAYSU, carried the first space research project into space through the “Shenzhou 10” manned spacecraft and docked with the “Tiangong-1” space capsule. In this “Space Lab”, MAYSU’s personnel in R&D selected hundreds of millions of yeasts with skincare effects and strong vitality from a large number of yeasts and cultivated the carried strains in the extreme space environment.

After returning to the earth, the scientists of biology, botany, and skin medicine successfully activated 104 strains of yeast after four years of a large number of experiments and continuous screening and then after 1,253 experiments, those scientists finally screened out a “space yeast” with super vitality by using 12 scientific methods. Experiments have proved that this superspace yeast has greatly improved its ability to resist harsh environments and radiation resistance.

In October 2016, MAYSU successfully applied the “space ginseng yeast” developed by MAYSU to cosmetics, and launched “GINSENG SEED ESSENCE LOTION CONCENTRATED REGENERATION BOOSTER” and “GINSENG SEED INTENSIVE SERUM CONCENTRATED REGENERATION BOOSTER”. In May 2019, MAYSU’s first high-efficiency “advanced skin regeneration and repair” was also successfully launched.

“Space Ginseng Yeast” can promote the ability of epidermal renewal, accelerate the renewal cycle of the stratum corneum and significantly enhance the skin’s self-regeneration. After using space ginseng yeast, the number of base-derived proteins increased by up to 63%, promoting skin repair from the bottom of the muscle. In addition, space ginseng yeast also has a good effect on the repair of Elastin.

At present, in the flagship store of MAYSU on Taobao, the “advanced skin regeneration and repair” is priced from $42 to $58.

In addition, MAYSU’s PLUM BLOSSOM series products were used by female astronauts twice in 2021. On September 20, 2021, MAYSU’s PLUM BLOSSOM series followed the Tianzhou-3 into aerospace for female astronauts to live in space for 180-day skincare needs. On October 16, 2021, the product followed the Long March 2F Yao-13 carrier rocket carrying the Shenzhou 13 manned spacecraft into space, becoming the designated skincare product used by female astronauts on the space station.

It is understood that the star item of MAYSU’s PLUM BLOSSOM series is the space cream (PLUM BLOSSOM MULTI-REJUVENATING CONCENTRATE CREAM ANTI-WRINKLE FIRMING), which adopts the cutting-edge “PLUM BLOSSOM anti-ageing technology”, selecting plum blossom embryo and extracting its anti-ageing essence by ultra-low temperature process. The process safely concentrates all activity so that the space cream enhances skin elasticity and minimizes fine lines. It’s also added important ingredients like PEUCEDANUM GRAVEOLENS (DILL) EXTRACT and Areginine Essence to promote the rebalancing of the synthesis in Elastin, reduce the accumulation of premature ageing protein, improve relaxation and sagging, effectively fight wrinkles and restore skin elasticity.

In addition, the “PLUM BLOSSOM MULTI-REJUVENATING CONCENTRATE CREAM ANTI-WRINKLE FIRMING” added some effective moisturizing and hydrating ingredients to help repair the epidermal barrier function, maintain the skin’s healthy self-moisturizing ability and reduce water loss.

During the 2021 Double Eleven Shopping Festival, the official flagship store of MAYSU on Tmall increased by 240% year-on-year and many of MAYSU’s series of skincare products were among the best-selling lists, including the “PLUM BLOSSOM MULTI-REJUVENATING CONCENTRATE CREAM ANTI-WRINKLE FIRMING”.



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