Chinese Live Selling Platform TikTok Fresh Hot-Selling List in April

A few days ago, TikTok E-commerce Ranking in April was officially released with three trend lists of hot-selling products, brands, and stores. While showing the outstanding performance of brands, merchants, and products in April, TikTok helps brands insight into consumer market trends and consumer preferences. On the same day, to protect the rights and interests of consumers and regulate the behavior of merchants, TikTok E-commerce also revised the Advertisement Regulation of the Beauty Industry.

On May 10, Beijing time (all times appearing in this article are Beijing time), TikTok announced the TikTok E-commerce Ranking in April. Among the Top 10 brands in cumulative sales in the beauty industry, there are 8 Chinese cosmetic brands and 2 international brands. Among them, the sales TOP3 brands are L’Oreal Paris, Florasis, and OSM.

Comparing the list of cumulative sales TOP10 stores in the beauty industry with the list of cumulative sales TOP10 brands in the beauty industry, it can be seen that the repetition rate of the two lists is high with Florasis, L’Oreal, OSM, AFU, Ulike, Erno Laszlo, BIOHYALUX and Grain Rain all on the two lists. In addition, the official flagship store of Jingdong Beauty made it to fifth place on the list of stores.

In the cumulative sales of the TOP 10 products in the beauty industry, the top three products are Florasis Yurong Water Lily Fresh Forever Cushion Foundation, Zhuben Dream River Botanical Refreshing Cleansing Oil, L’Oreal Revitalift Filler(HA) Toner and Lotion Set. It is worth noting that two beauty devices are ranked on the list, AMIRO High Radiofrequency Facial Machine, and the YAMAN ACE PRO ACE Bloom WR S12-YL, respectively, ranked fourth and fifth.

In terms of personal care and cleaning, Zhu Hu Tissue, Spes Washing Free Hair Spray, and BodyAid Anti Hair Loss were listed in the Top 3. Compared with the strong demand for body lotion and hair removal cream in March, consumer demand in April was more focused on hair care and hair oil removal.

In addition, on the list of cross-border industry hot-selling, Mistine Aqua Base Ultra Protection became the only beauty product on the list and ranked TOP1. The rest are oral nutrition products.

On the same day, TikTok e-commerce also released a public notice about the revised Advertisement Regulation of the Beauty Industry (hereinafter referred to as the Regulation), which makes clear provisions for platform merchants and creators to operate or promote beauty products. The Regulation took effect on May 17.

The Regulation mainly covers four major prohibitions: exaggerated, false propaganda or description; unfair competitiveness; no dissemination of discomforting content; and no inducement of private transactions with consumers.

A large amount of articles is devoted to explaining the problem of false advertising of cosmetics including the prohibition of false expressions related to efficacy; the prohibition of using absolute terms and other prohibited words in advertising; the need to provide proof when advertising patents, honors, and other content; the prohibition of false advertising of cosmetic ingredients, content, origin, specifications and other information; and the prohibition of the false description of the price and value of cosmetics.

Among them, the Regulation points out that cosmetics are prohibited from advertising cosmetics with medical effects. It is also prohibited to advertise certain ingredients as having medical effects. For example, cosmetics with legally permitted Chinese herbal ingredients can promote the name of the added herbs, but it is prohibited to claim that the products have the corresponding medical effects of the herbal ingredients.

In addition, the Regulation also clearly mentioned that no medical institutions, doctors, consumers, or beneficiaries, such as the name or image of others recommended, prove the effectiveness of the product, so people misunderstand the efficacy of the propaganda behavior.

At the same time, TikTok E-commerce also requires evidence and proof when merchants make publicity. For example, in the promotion of commodity information involving patented certification, honors, awards, authoritative research and development units, effect index, and other information, relevant information should be shown in the live streaming, video, product details page, and other supporting materials.

In addition to the above publicity issues, the Regulation also highlights that the platform merchants/creators to promote beauty products should prohibit false descriptions of the price and value of cosmetics. For example, a mask priced at $90 is advertised in the live streaming, but the actual price of the mask is priced at $150 with a $10 coupon, and it costs the customer $140 to purchase the mask.

In addition, the Regulation specifies that the sale of products shall not appear to disparage third parties or similar goods and excessive promotion of “cheap knock-off” and other acts of unfair competition. For example, if the creator shares Brand A cream while throwing Brand B cream in the trash, or if A is advertised as a substitute for B simply because it is from the same line as the more well-known B.

Finally, the Regulation also emphasizes that when promoting beauty products, merchants shall not advertise information that may have infringed on the legitimate rights and interests of consumers such as leading private transactions, and diversion to third-party websites or clients. For example, the live streamers in the live streaming frequently guide users to message customer service privately with no clear reasonable reason. It is suspected implying and guiding private transactions or the existence of guide private transactions risk damage to consumer rights and interests.



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