LMNT Owned by a Hong Kong-listed Company Settled in Chinese Market

LMNT, a personal care brand of China’s Hong Kong-listed Sisram Medical Technology Limited, has officially launched in China. Sisram Medical is a global beauty and health group with a diverse portfolio of products and customer-centric brands in the beauty and health ecosystem including medical aesthetic devices, injectable fillers, aesthetic dentistry and personal care.

Recently, LMNT, the domestic beauty device brand from the beauty eco-matrix of Sisram Medical, announced that it has officially settled in the Chinese market and is available for sale in the brand’s overseas flagship store on Tmall, the mainstream e-commerce platform in China.

According to the official introduction, LMNT is positioned as a personal care brand, and its main product is LMNT one, a beauty device based on the principle of light waves, the energy of which will be selectively absorbed by the deposited pigment particles to achieve the effect of pigment decomposition and skin whitening.

It is currently priced at $695 on Tmall’s overseas flagship store. The product is clinically proven to enhance skin microcirculation and promote collagen renewal thus achieving immediate brightening and long-lasting anti-aging effects while ensuring a safe and comfortable application experience.

According to public information, Sisram Medical is mainly engaged in the development, design, manufacture, sales and marketing of medical aesthetics, dental devices, home devices, injectable fillers and cosmetics. The device of medical aesthetics is one of the core businesses. LMNT one is its new domestic beauty device launched in 2021. The company was listed in Hong Kong, China in September 2017 and is the first Israeli company to be listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

The launch of LMNT one, a domestic beauty device, is a new attempt by Sisram Medical in its To C(to customer) business. It combined the B2C business with the traditional B2B business to create a joint online and offline operation platform to further strengthen the reach with consumers.

In recent years, China’s medical beauty and skin care market has been expanding. In the past 3 years, the average annual growth rate of sales of Chinese domestic beauty device products reached 28%. According to the data of Intelligence Research, the current production growth rate of Chinese beauty device products exceeds 20%, and the market size of Chinese domestic beauty devices will exceed $3 billion in 2026.

According to the Insight on Online Beauty Device Consumption released by MKTINDEX, a big data company in China’s e-commerce sector, China’s young Generation Z and mature women are the two main users of beauty devices. Taking into account the high customer unit for beauty devices, the number of women aged 18-45 in China’s first and second-tier cities is the main consumer group, which is about 120 million people. Assuming that the replacement cycle of beauty devices is two years, then the current market beauty device ownership is less than ten million, which is still a large gap among the consumer population. China’s future beauty device still has a large potential for development.

It is worth mentioning that in March 2022, China’s National Medical Products Administration released Amending the Regulation on the Supervision and Administration of Medical Devices in April 2024, which stated that Radio Frequency Beauty Device will be included in Class III of medical devices for management. It should be noted that Class III medical devices are the highest level of medical devices in China, and are also medical devices that Class III medical device must be strictly controlled for it is the highest class medical device in China. It is understood that no domestic beauty device brands have yet obtained such registration.

A person in charge of beauty device brands in R&D said that for more long-term development, the brand focusing on long-termism has accelerated the relevant extent. “products that have no actual efficacy and brands that only desire to make easy money and do not focus on investing in core technology research and development will be eliminated by the Chinese market and consumers”.



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