Chinese Makeup Brand PRAMY Got Nearly $6 Million in Live Streaming in March

According to a Chinese data analysis platform, during the period of March 2022, Chinese makeup brand PRAMY has reached sales of $5.99 million on TikTok and Kwai, the two of China’s most mainstream live streaming platforms.

According to, in March, PRAMY’s sales revenue was about $5.49 million on TikTok, with sales volume reaching 728,000, views 8.243 million, and live streams of 22,000. The monthly sales volume of a single link of a single product of PRAMY reached a maximum of 155,000.

In March, PRAMY’s whole figures were about $600,000 on Kwai, with sales reaching 83,000, live streams 71.35 million, and 598 live streamers selling PRAMY goods. The monthly sales of a single link of PRAMY reached a maximum of 8,788, and the monthly sales reached $94,700.

According to the customer service of Taobao’s flagship store, established in South Korea in 2014, PRAMY was acquired by a Chinese company in 2016 and has now become a Chinese brand. PRAMY has its own beauty research laboratory backed by the world’s top makeup supply chain where a variety of products are jointly developed with Dr. Seungyong Ko, Ph.D. in Molecular Sciences of Seoul National University, and PRAMY has also reached strategic cooperation with Merck KGaA, the world’s top technology company. PRAMY’s future direction is dedicated to the professional makeup field, thus bringing more beauty solutions to consumers.

According to PRAMY’s official website, PRAMY is a professional makeup brand. It focuses on and explores long-term makeup holding technology, creatively integrates makeup craftsmanship with science and technology, and deeply cultivates the field of professional makeup setting.

PRAMY’s products include makeup setting spray, makeup setting powder, eyeshadow primer, waterproof liquid eyebrow gel, powder, eyeliner, foundation cream, loose face powder, blush, makeup remover cleansing oil, eyebrow pencil, highlighter, lip balm stick, eye shadow, lipstick and etc, among which the makeup setting series are its star products.

The most popular product in the PRAMY makeup setting series is the moisturizing makeup setting spray which is divided into two versions: dewy finish and matte finish, and the targeted audience is people with oily skin and a combination of oily skin, dry skin, and dry combination skin. Declared as the “treasure of the company”, the setting spray added hyaluronic acid and rose water, a floral liquid gold, and adopted a moisturizing film forming technology so that some effects like the 12-hour long-lasting makeup, hydration and moisturizing as well as water and a perfect oil and water balance can be achieved.

It is understood that when PRAMY first set foot in the field of makeup which is still in the state of “no one caring” in China. Almost no brands desire to explore in-depth small categories of makeup settings. It is in this market environment that PRAMY launched the first makeup setting spray in 2018 – the backstage moisturizing setting spray with its strong product strength and market acumen.

As soon as the spray went public, it became a craze. Ranking first in the makeup setting spray category for three consecutive years, it also won the “2021 Meiyi Awards TOP Makeup Setting Award” and “OK! The Annual Favourite Makeup Spray”, the COSMOBOX good thing award “Cow YEAR Must Entering the High-tech Makeup Setting Spray”. It was also shortlisted for the Tmall Golden Makeup Award “Fashion Makeup Award” and other industry blockbuster awards, which shows the continued recognition by consumers and the industry for PRAMY.

PRAMY’s makeup setting products going viral is related to two factors, one is the high-quality PRAMY’s products and the other is the outburst of the pandemic which further boosts the public’s needs for makeup setting.

The outburst of COVID-19 in 2019 has made the facial mask a necessity for people going out. While wearing the mask for a long period will easily contribute to sweating, oily face, mottled makeup, drying, and streaks, which enlarges the makeup demand of makeup groups unprecedentedly. According to the “2019 Top Ten Makeup Setting Spray Brand Value Analysis Report”, PRAMY’s Makeup Setting Spray sold 72,000 in April, accounting for 52.6% of the total sales of the store.

At present, PRAMY’s flagship store scores high in terms of the product description, seller service, and logistics service, reaching 4.8 points (out of 5 points). As of April 6, the backstage moisturizing setting spray has sold 100,000 plus more per month. Customer service said that the monthly sales of the backstage moisturizing makeup spray are 1.18 million plus more, with a total sales volume of 9.98 million bottles, which can circle the earth 3 times and can sell one bottle on average every 10 seconds.

The pandemic is gradually coming to normalization in China and the heat of the makeup industry is not flagged, which will surely usher in more new brands. With more fierce competition to be faced, various brands in the whole industry need to ponder how to continuously lead the market.

PRAMY believes that ensuring worry-free quality and reflecting the value of products with technological innovation is the way of PRAMY ’s products. Short and fast-traffic products will eventually be eliminated by the market. Only by continuously improving quality, promoting the brand value with consumer reputation, and concentrating on long-term branding, can PRAMY be precipitated into gold in the tide of the times.




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