Chinese New Oral Care Brand Ecoobix Completed Funding of Ten Millions yuan

Chinese new oral care brand Ecoobix has completed an angel round of funding of Ten Millions yuan and its turnover has exceeded $1,576,000 in the three months of its trial launch.

The up-and-coming oral care brand Ecoobix completed an angel round of funding of tens of millions of yuan led by Jiaxing Voyong and followed by Donald, founder of the pet lifestyle brand “Vetreska”, for the first time in his personal capacity. This round of funding will be mainly used for product innovation and research, category expansion, and scene penetration.

Founded in May 2021 and headquartered in Hangzhou, China, Ecoobix is a functional oral care brand company focused on solving consumers’ oral problems. It is reported that the company’s first product, Ecoobix anti-sugar mouthwash, has exceeded $1,576,000 in turnover in the three months of its trial launch.

The founder, Zhong Yuqian, is an entrepreneur who was born in 1994 and has been deeply involved in the oral care field for many years before founding Ecoobix. The rest of the founding team has an average of more than 5 years of experience in the e-commerce consumption goods industry. Its product managers and creative directors are excellent talents from Sephora, Budweiser, and other famous companies.

Currently, Ecoobix mouthwash has launched three products for the oral fragile group (blueberry flavor), smoker group (mint flavor), and social group (pineapple flavor). In addition to glycosidase to achieve anti-sugar, anti-cavity, antioxidant effect, three mouthwash added guaiac wood extract, activated carbon, persimmon fruit extract to achieve the oral mucosa care, adsorption of tobacco stains and smoke, deodorant fresh breath.

Compared to other mouthwash brands, the price of Ecoobix is relatively high. Its mouthwash with 410ML is priced at $12.45 in its official flagship store on China’s e-commerce platform Tmall. Zhong Yuqian said, 1.56 U.S. dollars – 6.15 U.S. dollars is a mainstream price range in China’s entire oral track accounting for 70% of the market share. The remaining 30% are concentrated in the price range of $6.15-$15.60, which is dominated by some European and American or Japanese and Korean niche brands that failed to occupy the consumer’s mind. Out of the judgment that there is a lot of upward demand for oral care products, Ecoobix has positioned itself as a mid-to-high-end brand hoping that it can become a new lifestyle for a generation in the future.

At present, Ecoobix is starting a Pre-A round of financing.



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