Chinese Oral Care Brand NYSCPS Establishes Children’s Product Lines

On April 19, the oral care speciality brand “NYSCPS” announced the establishment of a new children’s line “CanbanKids” on its official Weibo, which will share the stories of the bubble fungus family (“Little Half”, “Little Bean”, “Half Mom” and “Half Dad”) from time to time, and explore the new dental world with children.

NYSCPS is a Chinese brand specializing in oral care, focusing on providing all-scenario solutions for oral care, with its products covering mouthwash, toothpaste, oral spray, tooth patches, toothbrushes, etc. A product development laboratory has been set up at the Shenzhen headquarters with the brand concept of creating oral care products “more suitable for Chinese”.

In March 2018, NYSCPS was established with its first product series focusing on the toothpaste category. At this point, a toothpaste that is least like toothpaste has gone public. The toothpaste is presented with skincare-like bottles, playing card-like packaging boxes, and gel-like inner pastes. NYSCPS has presented a touch of colour to the daily chemical industry with new images and new presentations and also gained its first loyal users. In November 2018, it won the 2018 China Cosmetics Black Swan Rookie Brand of the Year award.

In September 2020, NYSCPS launched a second category, a series of probiotic mouthwash products that quickly became the brand’s star product. In the first month of its launch, it ranked second on Taobao and Tmall, with monthly sales exceeding 60 million yuan (about $9.23 million) in the second month and sales revenue of more than 100 million yuan (over $15.38 million) in 80 days, ranking first in sales in the same category of Taobao, Tmall and Pinduoduo from the third month.

The year 2021 was seeing a mixed picture.

As of December 2021, NYSCPS settled in more than 100,000 offline outlets, covering channels including Walmart, Hema, Vanguard, YH, mannings, LAWSON, FamilyMart, 7-11, Bian Li Feng, Hai Wang Xing Chen, and so on. In June 2021, NYSCPS achieved a single month of omnichannel sales of more than 100 million yuan (over $15.38 million). NYSCPS’s star product “Probiotics Mouthwash” exceeded 20 million in sales volume in 2021.

In November 2021, NYSCPS became the only oral care brand selected for the 50 List Report on KPMG China New Domestic Goods. In December 2021, NYSCPS became the only domestic brand selected in the field of personal protection in the 2021 List of China New Consumption Development Insight and Brand Power released by EqualOcean Think Tank.

In addition, with its super popularity, it was selected for the “New Brand of the Year” of the 2021 Golden Makeup Award on Tmall. As we all know, the Gold Makeup Award on Tmall is known as the most authoritative “Beauty Oscar”, which has always attracted much attention from the industry. Being able to be selected for the Gold Makeup Award on Tmall is a very great achievement for the brand.

In addition to outstanding performance, NYSCPS has also made great efforts in brand marketing. NYSCPS has reached cooperation with four celebrities with huge followings on social media in about half a year.

In April 2021, NYSCPS announced Zhao Lusi, a popular actress with more than 50 million fans on all social media platforms, as its spokesperson. On May 19, 2021, NYSCPS announced that Li Daikun and Huang Youming became their ambassadors. On October 25, 2021, it announced that the Chinese male artist Wang Linkai became the oral spokesperson and after the release, it became a hot topic on Weibo, ranking third on Weibo trending lists.

The bright performance coupled with the huge traffic brought by the blessing of stars has also attracted the favour of capital. In 2021, NYSCPS completed three rounds of financing in succession. In February, NYSCPS received a $10 million A plus round of financing, led by Sinovation Ventures, followed by Crystal Stream and Plum Ventures. In March, NYSCPS obtained an A2 round of financing with the investor being ByteDance. In July, NYSCPS completed nearly 400 million yuan (about $61.52 million) of B round financing, led by Huaxing New Economy Fund owned by China Renaissance Capital, followed by JINGDING CAPITAL, CORNERSTONE, and ABC, with the old shareholders Sinovation Ventures and ByteDance continuing to raise bets.

In addition, NYSCPS is also actively participating in the field of social responsibility and charity, maintaining a relatively positive brand image.

In July 2021, NYSCPS donated a million yuan (about $150,000) worth of toiletries through the ZHENGZHOU CHARITY FEDERATION when Henan Province was hit by floods.

During “International Women’s Day” (March 8) in 2022, NYSCPS launched the theme activity of “Tribute to Mulan in the Epidemic” to pay tribute to the “female power” during the epidemic, and donated nearly one million units of oral care products to anti-epidemic work sites such as the Shenzhen Jinguo Volunteer Association and the Haitao Community Workstation in Haishan Street.

In March 2022, when the epidemic broke out in Jilin Province, NYSCPS donated a million yuan (about $150,000) worth of toiletries through the Jilin Youth Development Foundation. The counsellor announced his cooperation with the “Baby Come Home” Volunteer Association in the same month. In collaboration with the “Baby Comes Home” volunteer association and by the dissemination of 20 million logistics cartons per year, it helps missing children find their loved ones and helps separated families reunite.

Since the beginning of 2022, NYSCPS has continued to have a fierce momentum in business development, and the new product “PROBIOTICS TOOTHPASTE (MINT)” launched has been on the top 10 list of new products on ” Women’s Day (March 8) on TikTok “, which is also ranked first in the “Family Care and Care Explosion List” of the trending List on TikTok.

According to Frost & Sullivan, an international authoritative consultancy, retail sales in China’s oral care market increased from $7.629 billion in 2016 to $13.596 billion in 2020, with a compound annual growth rate of 15.5% and expected to reach $23.409 billion in 2025. It can be said that the prospects of China’s oral care market are promising.

Although NYSCPS has made remarkable results since its four-year establishment in the oral care market, blispring, BOP, Saky, and other oral brands are also menacing and should not be taken lightly. How to maintain the momentum and stand out is also the next problem that NYSCPS has to face and think about.



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