Chinese Skincare Brand Little Dream Garden Cracked Down on Counterfeit Factories

The Chinese skincare brand Little Dream Garden struck hard at counterfeiting. The joint law enforcement department successfully dismantled a large counterfeit processing dent in Shantou, Guangzhou, and many people were arrested on the spot. And after trial by the court, they were sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment ranging from one to two years and fined.

On April 2nd (Beijing time), Chinese skincare brand Little Dream Garden’s official WeChat account posted an article “The brand has invested a lot of research and development costs and manpower and material resources, desiring to deliver better goods for consumers and upgrade the influence of the brand. However, there’re always unscrupulous merchants who use brand promotion to attract traffic through various ways and also to get popularity in the name of a certain model, a new product, a certain exclusive authorization and other ways. As a result, the potential consumer groups in brand market are misled to unscrupulous merchants.”

It is understood that in February 2021, Little Dream Garden invested many of China’s online stores and confirmed that many stores physically label “Little Dream Garden” on their own products, some of them even selling counterfeit “Little Dream Garden” products.

In March 2021, after more than a month of follow-up, a large processing plant in Shantou, Guangzhou, was finally discovered. After entering the target factory, it was found that there were several processing and filling machines in the production area of the factory, and by it, a box of cleansing milk empty pipes was printed with the words “Little Dream Garden”. A large number of empty bottles, cartons and anti-counterfeiting labels of “Little Dream Garden” products were also found. Production raw materials were found throughout the production area, with most of the raw material barrels not sealing and the on-site environment extremely poor.

In September 2021, the perpetrators of the case were sentenced to prison terms ranging from one to two years and fined after a Chinese court trial.

In fact, in recent years, Chinese brands that have been busy cracking down on counterfeiting have more than Little Dream Garden. As early as March 2020, Chinese makeup brand Florasis released 300,000 yuan (about $47,100) to the outside world to recruit anti-counterfeiting officials, and since then, Florasis has also added 300,000 anti-counterfeiting funds, calling on everyone to participate in the anti-counterfeiting. According to the official data released by Florasis, it has set up a special anti-counterfeiting rights protection team, accumulatively deleted 54,574 infringing links on the entire Chinese network platform, winning 65 verdicts of infringement, jointly cracking down on 13 administrative crackdowns by relevant Chinese law enforcement departments, and assisting Chinese public security organs in arresting 54 suspects involved in the case.

In May 2020, geoskincare also assisted the Wuxi Municipal Public Security Bureau in seizing a total of 910 counterfeit “geoskincare” primers, masks and other products. In December of the same year, it assisted the Shanghai Huangpu Public Security Bureau to seize 193 counterfeit “geoskincare” primers, 80 sunscreen creams, 7,000 facial creams and other products.

“Once counterfeit and shoddy cosmetics are circulated in the market, in addition to the brand itself being affected, consumers and even the entire cosmetics industry in China will suffer to varying degrees.” Some insiders in the Chinese cosmetics industry pointed out.

For consumers, the effectiveness and safety of counterfeit cosmetics are not guaranteed. Once using fakes, the light outcome is ineffective skincare, while the heavy one might be skin allergies, bad face and other situations, which will also cause damage to personal physical and mental health.

For counterfeit brands, inferior products will ruin brand reputation, leading to a loss for brand image, even triggering unsuspecting consumers to question and resulting in a lack of user trust.

For the cosmetics industry, when the products that the brand painstakingly develops are counterfeited, the enthusiasm for brand research and development is hit, and the enthusiasm for research and development is reduced, which is not conducive to the healthy development of the entire industry. At the same time, the spread of fake goods at low prices will also disrupt the market price system.

Counterfeit cosmetics have reached various online and offline channels; interests drive some channels to participate in the sale of true and false; it is difficult to protect rights and enforce the law after the brand has been infringed; consumers are indifferent to the awareness of true and false goods; false publicity, online promotion, channel monopoly, uneven development and other factors have brought unhealthy inducements to China’s cosmetics industry.

In the future, China’s relevant departments need to further cooperate with brand enterprises, platform channels, social media and other institutions, as well as the power of consumers, through active reporting and purifying of the Chinese cosmetics market so as to promote the healthy and benign development of China’s cosmetics industry and provide more powerful guarantees for consumers’ makeup safety.



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