Cooperative Brands of eBeauty Exceeded 1 Billion in 1h in 618 Promotion

eBeauty, a Chinese service operator that has served beauty brands such as ISDIN, L’Occitane, and CPB, announced the sales data of 618: the sales volume of more than 80 beauty brands it served exceeded 1 billion yuan(over $150 million) in the first hour of pre-sale on 618.

In the past China e-commerce mid-year 618 promotion (from May 31, 2022, to June 20, 2022, China Standard Time), many beauty brands have achieved excellent results: Chinese skincare brand Biohyalux’s omni-channel sales exceeded $50 million, and WHOO became the first brand of Tik Tok China 618 with a turnover of more than RMB 100 million (over $15 million)…

At the same time, eBeauty, the Chinese e-commerce service operator behind the beauty brand, also handed in an answer sheet: the sales volume of more than 80 beauty brands it served exceeded 1 billion yuan(over $150 million) in the first hour of pre-sale on 618. Among them, 13 beauty brands sold over 100 million yuan (over 15 million US dollars).

During the 618 periods this year, the sales volume of COLLGENE, a Chinese efficacy skincare brand it serves, increased by 224% year-on-year. Its popular product “Human-like Liftactiv Tightening Mask” has increased sales by 11 times +, and the 618 promotional price is $30/20 pieces.

In addition, judging from the Tmall list, the brands served by eBeauty are ranked TOP3 in 13 sub-categories, namely facial essence, hand care, facial makeup, lip makeup, facial set, body cleansing, lotion and cream, eye care, neck care, makeup remover, toner, face cleanser, men’s body care. Behind these data, it reflects that eBeauty’s team members not only have a solid knowledge of e-commerce operations but also are very familiar with the characteristics of each beauty brand. By formulating unique operation plans for each brand, brand target customers can quickly search for brand products, which increases the stickiness of consumers to the brand.

According to its official website, eBeauty was established in 2010. According to the report data from iResearch, in 2021, eBeauty’s market share was No. 1 among China’s beauty e-commerce service providers based on the $3.142 billion + GMV contributed or generated. Up to now, eBeauty’s brand partners include 6 of the world’s top 10 beauty groups (in terms of global revenue in 2021), and the brands it has served include ISDIN, L’Occitane, CPB, Clarins, Sisley, etc.

In addition, eBeauty has also carried out an omni-channel operation mode layout. In online channels, eBeauty has cooperated with mainstream e-commerce platforms such as Tmall, JD, and Amazon. In offline channels, it has also established cooperative relationships with beauty chain stores such as SaSa International and AFIONA.

From Wei Ya and other top Chinese anchors being banned for tax evasion, to Li Jiaqi being suspended for more than half a month. This years 618 did not have the voice of the super-head anchors in the past. But with the rise of brand self-broadcasting, beauty brands have “self-reliant” and embarked on the road of “self-production and self-broadcasting”. According to relevant data, during the 618 periods in 2022, among the self-broadcasting studios cooperating with eBeauty, 15 of them have a turnover of over 10 million (over $1.496 million), reaching over 300 million people. Through the data, it can be seen that eBeauty has accumulated rich experience in the beauty industry, always understands the operating rules of major e-commerce platforms, and has achieved growth in the brand performance of its services.

It is reported that eBeauty will also establish a new joint venture with Giant Biogene, the parent company of COLLGENE. After the transaction, Giant Bio and eBeauty will hold 60% and 40% of the joint venture, respectively, and jointly control the joint venture. It is reported that the joint venture will be mainly engaged in the sales of beauty products.

In terms of the markets where the two parties are located, public information shows that eBeauty accounts for 5-10% of the domestic beauty e-commerce agency operation service market in China, and the joint venture is expected to account for 0-5% of the domestic beauty product sales market in China. One is a beauty service operator and the other is a beauty group. It can be speculated that the joint venture established by the two is to prepare for the continued growth of sales in the future.

As the leading beauty service operator in China, eBeauty has once again proved itself with its achievements. It will continue to cooperate with more beauty brands. Through eBeauty’s professional e-commerce operation capabilities and accumulated experience in the beauty industry, it is expected to help partner companies achieve better performance in the China e-commerce “Double Eleven” promotion .




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