Dr. Ci:Labo: A Vision of Better Skin for Everyone

Dr. Ci:Labo has achieved excellent performance within just a few years after entering the Chinese market: its overseas flagship store saw a 63% increase in total sales in the promotion of Women’s Day in 2020 and its Tmall flagship store saw a 1,056% surge in total sales.

“I hope to help as many people as possible to be free from skin problems.” This beautiful vision is the impetus for Dr. Labo to create a skincare brand.

In 1995, Dr. Labo established Labo Clinic to provide state-of-the-art radium treatments, extensive anti-aging treatment, and skin therapies. But in the search for the most effective skincare products for his patients, he found nothing that met his high standard for skin care.

With a dream of beauty, Dr. Labo, the founder of the brand, started to realize his big dream of “making everyone’s skin as beautiful as possible” in a conference room with only three people in 1998. Dr. Ci:Labo has grown into a professional Japanese skincare brand by its close concern for women’s skin and continuous innovation.

Over the years, Dr. Ci:Labo has always contributed to high-quality R&D and upholding the golden triangle skincare concept of “simple, scientific, and effective” to solve the problems of women’s skin. Nowadays, Dr. Ci:Labo has become the No.1 medical skincare brand in Japan.

Up to now, Dr. Labo is still directly involved in the treatment of his patients and is committed to developing a daily skincare plan that gently nourishes the skin and eliminates all burdensome ingredients that damage skin. Considering the demand of customers at present, he launched a skincare plan, especially for skin users.

Founded in 1999, Dr. Ci:Labo has ranked first in the market share of efficacious skincare brands in Japan for a long time. Since its entry into Tmall International in February 2017, its sales have surged 15 times in 3 months. Within 6 months it has been ranked among the Top 20 in the beauty category of Tmall. On the day of Double 11 – Chinese Shopping Festival- in 2017, its all-network sales broke $7.83 million and sales of its Tmall overseas flagship store broke $4,541,400 and its online omnichannel sales reached $28 million in only 9 months.

In the promotional campaign on June 18th in 2018, Dr. Ci:Labo sold $8,755,500 across the online channel with an increase of 439% year-on-year equivalent to 5.4 times of the same campaign in the previous year. In September of the same year, Dr. Ci:Labo joined hands with Tmall to open its Super Brand Day. The sales on that day even exceeded $1,919,900 ranking NO.1 in the Tmall International beauty industry.

On Women’s Day in 2020, it saw a 63% increase in total sales at Dr. Ci:Labo’s overseas flagship store and a 1,056% jump in total sales at the Tmall flagship store.

In order to better match the Chinese market, establish a youthful brand image and bring the brand closer to the users, Dr. Ci:Labo also successively announced popular Chinese idol Kary Wang and the Chinese male group – TF Boys as the brand spokespersons in the Asia Pacific.

Collaborations between skincare brands and celebrities have been commonplace for a long time but the choice of partners is crucial. Only celebrity partnerships that match the brand’s tone can bring out the appeal and help consumers understand the brand’s core concept in depth and thoroughly.

Within just a few years of entering the Chinese market, Dr. Ci:Labo has brought a lot of in-depth brand experience to Chinese consumers with innovative products and services. Relying on the continuous innovation and upgrading of the brand, it has quickly won the likes and support of consumers and has grown rapidly from a new brand to a super brand in the Internet era.

The outstanding achievement of Dr. Ci:Labo is partly due to the support of Chinese consumers and partly due to the brand’s own excellent strength, product quality, service attitude and service concept. Dr. Ci:Labo is committed to exploring the diversified needs of China’s medical beauty and skincare market and will continue to deepen product development and innovate advanced service methods to provide more Chinese consumers with better products and services.



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