Two of China’s Top streamers have suspended their cooperation with L ‘Oreal Paris

The complaint by Chinese consumer of the “price difference” of Ampoule Replumping Mask from L’Oreal Paris during Double 11(Chinese Shopping Carnival) still happens one after another. What makes intense discussion is that Chinese e-commerce top live streamer Li Jiaqi and Wei Ya announced the suspension of their cooperation with L’Oréal Paris on the night of November 17.

It started when many Chinese consumers found that the price of L’Oreal Ampoule Replumping Mask bought in the pre-selling of live streaming was far more expensive than the price on the promotion of Double 11(Chinese Shopping Carnival).

On October 20, L’Oréal’s Ampoule Replumping Mask pre-sold in Chinese top Li Jiaqi’s live-streaming priced at 429 yuan($67.18). However, the price of the same mask in L’Oreal’s live streaming on November 1 is only 257.5yuan($40.25). Before that, the brand announced in Weibo(Chinese biggest social platform) that the price of this mask in Li Jiaqi’s live streaming was the “biggest discount of the year” on October 13 and 14. After the complaint from consumers, the words “biggest discount of the year” are deleted in Weibo.

L’Oreal’s move has been questioned by many Chinese consumers and they believe it is false advertising. At the same time, tens of thousands of consumers have complained that “L’Oréal Paris disseminated false advertisement but issued a large number of coupons after paying deposit. That moves is suspected to cheat consumers and don’t refund the difference in price.”

After the scandal, the heat of related topics has been soaring with the 100 million views of topics. But L’Oreal has not responded positively.

Until the evening of November 17, Chinese e-commerce top live streaming Li Jiaqi and Wei Ya announced at the same time to suspend all cooperation with L’Oréal Paris until the brand can properly resolved this issues. If the L’Oréal Paris still cannot come up with a reasonable solution within 24 hours, the two major live broadcasters will compensate consumers on their own.

In the early morning of November 18, L’Oreal Paris issued an apology statement saying that the price difference was due to the overly cumbersome promotional mechanism of the platform but did not offer any substantial solution. As a result, Chinese consumers did not accept its apology.

In addition, a large number of complaint from consumers that the goods of L’Oreal in pre-selling period had not been shipped for more than half a month and the customer service asked consumers to refund. This response also made many consumers feel unsatisfied.

It is worth mentioning that L’Oreal Group’s turnover exceeded 10 billion yuan ($1.566 billion) in the just-passed Double 11 shopping festival and L’Oreal became the TOP 1 brand in the FMCG industry. If this incident is not properly resolved, it will definitely affect image of L’Oreal in China.



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