From 2019 to 2021, the Occupying of Charlotte Tilbury in China

In March 2019, Charlotte Tilbury will be available through one of the world’s largest e-commerce platforms, Tmall International. In October 2021, Charlotte Tilbury official flagship store in Tmall will open announcing the brand’s official launch in the Chinese market.

“When a woman finds a makeup that suits her, she can conquer the world!” This is the famous words from the founder of the popular British makeup brand Charlotte Tilbury. This quote led to the creation of the brand and made it an easy to choose, use and gift beauty brand. Now, this collection of world-renowned makeup, skincare and fragrance products has become the beauty secret of supermodels and celebrities. It shares the power of beauty with the world by combining all the DNA of beauty in a range of beauty products.

In September 2013, professional make-up artist Charlotte founded her eponymous cosmetics brand, Charlotte Tilbury. She came from an artistic family in London and lived with her parents in Ibiza, Spain as a child. Raised by artist parents, she was always passionate about beauty and had her own unique perspective. At the age of 11, she met the famous beauty artist Mary Greenwell on the beach in Ibiza. From then on, she wanted to turn her passion for beauty into a lifelong career.

After the creation of the eponymous brand, Charlotte Tilbury has set an amazing record of two pieces of the same product line sold every minute due to its unique professional products and exquisite packaging. Tilbury has already become a popular beauty industry leader in Europe and overseas countries.

As its fever spreads to Asia, Charlotte Tilbury has even gained more fans in the Chinese market. It was discussed and recommended on Chinese social media platforms such as Weibo and Xiaohongshu in a craze showing its popularity in China. Charlotte Tilbury has become one of the most anticipated beauty brands by Chinese consumers to enter China.

In March 2019, Charlotte Tilbury is being sold through one of the world’s largest e-commerce platforms, Tmall International. This move makes it easier for Chinese consumers to purchase Charlotte Tilbury’s makeup products. The brand will fill a gap in the Chinese market by importing as an international makeup brand through a cross-border e-commerce model for Chinese consumers. Over the past three years, Charlotte Tilbury has been among the top high-end beauty brands loved by young consumers in Tmall International with the influence of the Tmall International platform and the brand’s efforts in the Chinese market ranking top of the beauty category.

Currently, Charlotte Tilbury has a total of official flagship store and overseas flagship store on Tmall with 1,151,000 followers on both two flagship stores. Most of the products in the official flagship store have a price range of $28.17-$74.33, mostly in the form of single products. The overseas flagship store, on the other hand, has a price range of $17.22-$353.69, with a wide price range because the flagship store has several product sets. For example, the eyeshadow lipstick set is sold for $109.55, the powder and spray set retails for $102.51. The most expensive is the Look of Love Secret gift set sales for $353.69.

From both flagship stores, we know that powder is the better selling product in both flagship stores. In the official flagship store, the powder and lipstick set is sold 5,000+ per month and only the powder is sold 3,000+ per month. Both of them ranked in the top two in monthly sales in the official flagship store. In the overseas flagship store, the powder ranks second in the store in terms of monthly sales, with monthly sales of 4000+.

On April 23, 2021, Charlotte Tilbury announced Chinese actress Tang Wei as its first global makeup spokesperson. On September 25, the brand again announced Chinese actor Liu Haoran as its global makeup spokesperson. The announcement of two global makeup spokespersons in less than six months is seen as a sign that Charlotte Tilbury wants to accelerate its share in the Chinese market.

On October 8, 2021, the grand opening of Charlotte Tilbury’s Tmall flagship store and the debut of the new CT Hot Lips limited series for Christmas through Tmall Little Black Box announced its official entry into the Chinese market. In addition to opening stores in Shanghai, Chengdu, Hangzhou in China, Charlotte Tilbury will also open more stores in major cities in China.

The grand opening of Charlotte Tilbury in China is an milestone for the brand and Charlotte Tilbury’s unlimited confidence and attention to the Chinese market is sure to continue the brand’s brilliant success overseas.



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