Global Hyaluronic Acid Ingredient Company Creates a “New Brand”

Jiaodian Freda from Freda Pharmaceutical Group released a new brand of material ingredients Bai Fu. It launched three new raw materials, respectively, Bai Fu cosmetic-grade hyaluronic acid, Bai Fu revitalizing small molecules, Bai Fu ergothioneine.

“China accounts for the largest amount of hyaluronic acid in the world and most hyaluronic acids are manufactured in Shandong, China.” This phrase has become the most resounding advertising slogan of hyaluronic acid enterprises in Shandong.

Standing in the center of hyaluronic acid in China, Jiaodian Freda from Freda Pharmaceutical Group celebrated its 10th birthday and officially released the new brand of raw material “Bai Fu”.

Freda created one remarkable record after another in the past 30 years like it is the first to master the biofermentation technology to extract hyaluronic acid and break the international monopoly, realize the mass production of hyaluronic acid in China, to break through the application of hyaluronic acid in cosmetics… With the joint efforts of a group of enterprises, Chinese hyaluronic acid has gradually become the focus of the world.

In 2020, the size of China’s hyaluronic acid raw material market accounted for more than 84% of the world, of which 70% of it came from Shandong. Jiaodian Forida, the world’s largest supplier, occupies 26% of the share.

It is understood that Jiaodian Frida already has an annual production capacity of 420 tons of cosmetic food-grade hyaluronic acid and is investing in the construction of an annual production capacity of 520 tons of pharmaceutical-grade sodium hyaluronate project. The production capacity card point has exploded and the annual output value of Jiaodian Freda reached $35 million, making it an industry leader.

Aimed at the future, Jiaodian Freda launched a new brand of raw materials, Bai Fu. The word Bai Fu means a hundred-year brand and people enjoy an abundant and rich life. As the mission of Jiaodian Freda says, “Let people live younger and live longer”. The birth of Bai Fu also hopes to make people’s lives better because of Jiaodian Freda.

It is understood that this time, Bai Fu launched three new raw materials, respectively, Bai Fu cosmetic-grade hyaluronic acid, Bai Fu revitalizing small molecules, and Bai Fu ergothioneine.

Specifically, the cosmetic-grade hyaluronic acid carries 30 years of research experience from Freda Group, which has the characteristics of efficient moisturization and skin softening. The revitalizing small molecule is manufactured by using the biological enzyme method and chromatographic chromatography technology with an average molecular weight of 800Da, which can be instantly absorbed transdermally and directly reach the dermis.

It is understood that ergothioneine is a natural antioxidant, which is the star ingredient in many international famous brand star products and has become the apple of the Chinese cosmetic market in recent years. Knowing the market demand, Jiaodian Freda cooperated with the Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2021 to apply the hyaluronic acid + ergothioneine compound boosting technology and create the differentiated product of Bai Fu ergothioneine.

At present, Jiaodian Freda’s brands include oral hyaluronic acid “BOYO” and “ROYAL REFINE Hyaluronic Acid Drink”. Among them, “ROYAL REFINE” broke the blank of hyaluronic acid food in China. “BOYO” has ranked first in the category of oral hyaluronic acid in Tmall for many months since its launch.




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