Grape-based Skincare Brand CAUDALIE Shows in China International Consumer Products Expo

CAUDALIE, a grape-researched skincare brand from France, will participate in the 2nd China International Consumer Products Expo. It plans to show in advance the new upgraded products to be launched in the Chinese market this year, presenting a new face of the brand.

According to the official news of the China International Consumer Products Expo, CAUDALIE will make a grand debut at the second China International Consumer Products Expo. This is the first time for CAUDALIE to participate in a national exhibition in China. It expected to take advantage of the time and platform of the Consumer Expo to actively communicate with the Chinese and international consumer goods market. It plans to show in advance the new upgraded products to be launched in the Chinese market this year, presenting a new face of the brand.

This time, CAUDALIE will bring the newly upgraded EAU DE BEAUTE ELIXIR, Radiance Series, Face Lifting Series and other new upgraded products to the Expo.

“I created CAUDALIE because I firmly believe that I can find skincare products that combine efficacy, naturalness and charm, which has become the core value of the CAUDALIE and the source of motivation for my daily efforts.” This is what the founder of the French brand, Miss Mathilde, has always maintained since the brand was founded.

CAUDALIE is a natural skincare brand from France, the first wine therapy spa in the world, all its products do not contain any paraben preservatives, phenoxyethanol, colorants and mineral oil, no animal testing. Since the creation of CAUDALIE, he has been the scientific advisor of CAUDALIE research center. 1995, CAUDALIE officially registered the patent for the extraction and stabilization of grape seed polyphenols, the establishment of the CAUDALIE brand.

According to CAUDALIE, before 2008, the popularity of the CAUDALIE- is still limited to France, its outlets are mainly concentrated in the French pharmacy channel. “Previously, 90% of the sales of the CAUDALIE came from the French domestic market.” But with the advent of the Internet era, information began to spread rapidly, and the brand began to be gradually known by consumers in other countries in 2008, and the popularity of its iconic product EAU DE BEAUTE ELIXIR marked the beginning of CAUDALIE’s “fame” on the international stage.

It is understood that CAUDALIE 2021 sales were $337.1 million, compared with 2021, up 10%.

For many years, the beauty industry thought that you couldn’t be a luxury brand whilst being a clean and sustainable brand, but things are changing. In 2022, we believe that sustainability is a new luxury and soon all brands will realize that being sustainable is not just a marketing gimmick but a necessity”said its co-founder Mathilde Thomas.

She also stated that CAUDALIE tends to adhere clean beauty. General Manager France Angélique Mahot believed that Today, being clean is essential. And it was clean much before it became a trend. But today we need to go much farther. Most of their products are based on patented, innovative ingredients developed in partnership with the best research laboratories specialized in anti-aging, like the Harvard Medical School and Dr David Sinclair, with whom it has worked for 10 years.

Furthermore, in 2020, it undertook to change all its packaging so it could be refillable, recycled and/or recyclable. Between 2019 and 2020, they reduced their annual plastic waste by 44.33 tonnes. It represents 1,385,312 1.5-L bottles of water.

Its clean commitments go beyond this: it is a partner of 1% for the Planet, so over the past ten years, it has given 1% of its turnover to associations that plant trees. At the end of the year, the brand will have planted 10 million!

It is the main donor of 1% for the Planet in the French cosmetics industry, and it hopes other companies will draw inspiration from us and join the movement.

Lastly, in 2020, it created the 100% Plastic Collect program with Tristan Lecomte. In Thailand, it collects the equivalent of its annual plastic production so it is recycled locally and reused by the local population.

Mr. and Mrs. Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas, the founders of CAUDALIE, attach great importance to this exhibition at the Expo and said that “CAUDALIE has always attached great importance to the strategic position of the Chinese market, and since the founding of CAUDALIE, China has become one of the most important overseas markets for CAUDALIE. CAUDALIE will always adhere to the original intention to bring efficient, natural, and pure sustainable skincare products to Chinese consumers.” At the same time, CAUDALIE will also complete the brand image upgrade in the Chinese market, not only in the outer packaging using 100% recyclable plastic bottles and recyclable packaging paper, and strive to achieve the goal of “zero” resource waste in the field of the sustainable beauty and skincare continue to lead, to achieve the brand in the Chinese region.




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