High-end Brand CPB Has Gained Much More in Chinese Market

CPB has been in China since 2001. It has been "lukewarm" in China for more than ten years and now it has "known by all people". CPB's marketing and layout in the Chinese market has changed step by step making the Chinese market the main new engine of performance growth.

CPB, the French name for Clé de Peau Beauté, which means “the key to beautiful skin”, was developed in 1982 for the world’s royalty and enjoyed a combination of Japanese high technology and modern French aesthetics.

Product development of CPB is based on skin cell. From the first generation of “Cell Management Theory” to “Enzyme Management Theory” to the fifth generation of “Brightening 4C Management Theory”, all of them maintain and create ideal skin conditions. CPB skin care products are known for their moisturizing and anti-aging affects and their texture is soft and delicate. In addition to a full line of skincare products, CPB also has a makeup line that includes foundations, eye shadows, lipsticks, blushes, and so on.

As one of Shiseido’s highest-end cosmetic brands, CPB entered the Chinese market back in 2001. Because lack of brand promotion in the Chinese market, the brand has been rarely seen in other channels over the years except for the counters that can be found in high-end shopping malls in some first-tier cities in China. Although, CPB skincare line products are priced equal to La Mer. But compared to it, CPB has been in China for many years in obscurity.

As a high-end brand in Shiseido Group and the cautious nature of Japanese companies, the brand is particularly careful in expanding into the Chinese market. Compared with its rivals in the same level, CPB does not seem to put much effort into brand promotion in Chinese market. In 2012, CPB tapped Zhou Xun as its Asian ambassador to shoot a microfilm “FIND THEKEY” but did not put it in the public visible TV advertising channels thus the impact is also very limited.

Then, because of the continued boom of free travel in Japan and the unconscious spread of beauty bloggers on Chinese social networks, CPB finally gained a high level of attention from Chinese consumers boosting its performance by leaps and bounds. In the first half of 2016, CPB increased by as much as 60%, with the Chinese market contributing 15% of revenue. In the next few years, CPB will focus on China marketing and optimizing the operation of the sales stores themselves, according to Xie Ping, head of Shiseido China’s high-end cosmetics division.

In 2016, CPB had its first cross-border collaboration with Tmall. On July 5, 2017, the brand celebrated the first anniversary of its presence in the event – Tmall Super Brand Day x CPB Skin Key – was officially opened. According to the relevant data, the CPB Tmall Super Brand Day, which was highly popularized by Chinese consumers and fans. The turnover on the day of the event exceeded four times that of last year’s opening period and its hot product primer was sold in a short time showing its strength of popularity. (Tmall Super Brand Day: an event conducted by Tmall in conjunction with its resident merchants, where participating merchants set their own “brand day” for the year.)

In September 2018, CPB officially announced Zhang Ziyi as its global brand ambassador. It is reported that this is the first time that CPB has applied a Chinese person as a global brand ambassador, which is evidently showed the brand’s importance to the Chinese market.

On May 13, 2020, CPB, together with Tmall, launched the fourth Tmall Super Brand Day with “Exquisite and Luxury”, bringing a new brand experience and a new style of exquisite skincare to young people in China who focus on beauty and fashion and creating a new live broadcast matrix exclusive to the brand. During the Super Brand Day event, CPB launched its first offline BA live broadcast, which was also the first time the brand operated a Tmall live broadcast. The broadcast enjoyed a total of 133 hours and over 830,000 views.

This event is the fourth in-depth cooperation between CPB and Tmall Super Brand Day. Since the CPB brand entered Tmall in 2016, Super Brand Day each year has become a skincare carnival feast for brand consumers. Supported by the new campaign of the live broadcast matrix and brand pre-sales in the form of multiple offers, sales on the event day for 13 hours exceeded the full-day turnover of the 2019 Tmall Super Brand Day, with a year-on-year increase of more than 55%. CPB Crystal Empowering Essence sold more than 15,000+ bottles, ranking first in the facial essence category on the day. At the same time, CPB launched its new Radiance Empowering Series, accounting for 60% of sales in the Tmall Super Brand Day event.

CPB has been in China since 2001. It has been “lukewarm” in China for more than ten years and now it has “known by all people”. The market strategy of brand has gone from “cautious” to inviting the famous Chinese movie star Zhang Ziyi as the global brand ambassador expanding the brand’s popularity in China. The brand has expanded its popularity in China from the beginning, only a small number of high-end shopping malls in China can see counters, to today, the brand is settled in Tmall enjoying products delivered to your home at any time.

CPB’s marketing and layout in the Chinese market has changed step by step making the Chinese market the main new engine of performance growth. And during the promotional campaign on November 11st in Tmall, CPB will be rewarded. During the same campaign in 2020, CPB’s sales in 28 minutes exceeded the entire same campaign last year. During Super Brand Day in 2020, CPB topped the beauty sales ranking / high-end ranking NO.1 and brand influence has fully upgraded.



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