High Luxury Brands CELINE Sets Exclusive Online Store in Chinese Platform Jingdong

CELINE, the top fashion brand of LVMH Group, officially launched its official flagship store on the Chinese well-known e-commerce platform Jingdong. Previously, CELINE remained slow pace in digitalization in China. This collaboration signs CELINE’s hope to bring consumers a more convenient shopping experience.

On May 6, CELINE, the top fashion brand of LVMH Group, officially joined hands with the Chinese well-known e-commerce platform Jingdong to grandly open its official flagship store in Jingdong Luxury. From now on, consumers can search for “CELINE” through Jingdong APP and reach directly to CELINE’s official flagship store in Jingdong to purchase handbags, apparel, accessories, fragrance, shoes, and boots, as well as the new CELINE 520 capsule collection and spring/summer 2022 products. as well as the simultaneous launch of the CELINE 520 capsule collection and the new spring/summer 2022 products. To better meet the gift-giving needs of the targeted audience, CELINE’s official Jingdong flagship store not only offers home delivery and offline pickup at the nearest store but also offers a special “gift message” to convey gift-giving intentions. So far, LVMH has more than 20 brands in Jingdong, and Louis Vuitton, Dior, and other brands have reached deep cooperation with Jingdong.

The core brands under the LVMH group have been cooperating with Jingdong Luxury to a certain extent, which reflects the top luxury brands’ recognition of Jingdong’s ecology and user quality. This in-depth cooperation across all categories may indicate that LVMH is accelerating its strategic cooperation with Jingdong, which also reflects the luxury brands’ belief in Jingdong’s positive image and high trust in the user community.

In the past two years, CELINE has also accelerated the momentum of its digitalization. Industry analysis that the launch of CELINE’s Jingdong official flagship store online is recognizance of Jingdong’s previous reputation as well as its high matching quality user population. CELINE is expected to draw support from Jingdong Luxury to reach a wider range of quality customer base, and bring consumers a more convenient shopping experience.

In response to the diversified and personalized needs of young consumers, CELINE has maintained an intensive rhythm of new products: new products are launched every 2-3 weeks to bring consumers the latest fashion information, and it is expected that the same frequency will be maintained in the official flagship store of Jingdong.

As early as 1964, CELINE launched the first perfume “Vent Fou”. From 2001 to 2011, the brand’s perfume business license is held by the perfume manufacturer Interparfum. , LVMH didn’t take back the business license until 2011 and CELINE has not launched a new fragrance since then.

In 2019, CELINE announced the launch of its first fragrance collection after eight years followed by the opening of its first fragrance boutique in Paris. As with the opening of its e-commerce, CELINE’s movements in the fragrance sector have been slow.

It is reported that CELINE’s official Instagram posted 15 videos and pictures of the fragrance when it was launched. There are 11 savors in the collection. As seen in its promotional images, its designer Hedi Slimane has designed a simple square bottle packaging for it, which was officially launched in October 2019.

At present, in its official flagship store in Jingdong, there are 21 SKUs of CELINE fragrance on sale including high-definition series Reptile Series, Nightclubbing Fragrance, Rimbaud Fragrance, etc. The highest price is Reptile Fragrance 200 ml priced at $438.37.

According to the statistic, Jingdong Luxury has reached official cooperation with more than ten brands under the LVMH Group so far. LV, CELINE, and other brands seem to have official flagship stores only in Jingdong exclusively. Furthermore, up to now, Jingdong Luxury has gathered more than 300 official flagship stores of international and Chinese luxury brands, which can continue to bring consumers richer and more diversified authentic goodies and a more pleasant shopping experience.

For beauty giants, luxury beauty brands, especially perfume brands, are the key to their recovery this year. Estee Lauder’s skincare and perfume divisions, which had the highest growth rates in fiscal 2021, were both driven by high-end brands with perfume division growth of more than 100% in the second quarter of this year. Unilever’s luxury beauty brands recorded double-digit growth. L’Oreal’s premium cosmetics division grew 40.9% in the second quarter with the Perfume category surging, which significantly surpassed market levels with particularly strong growth in North America and mainland China. Coty also mentioned in its earnings report the strong demand for fragrances in the U.S. and Chinese markets with sales in the luxury beauty division up 159.9% in the second quarter.

The luxury beauty market in the U.S. grew 66% in the second quarter and the fragrance market grew 82% in the first half of the year also achieving 35% growth compared to the same period in 2019, according to NPD data. At a time when makeup is becoming less important in the after-pandemic era, skin care is gaining traction and emotional comfort is the new demand of beauty consumers. High-end skincare and fragrances are starting to capture more market share. “Even among luxury beauty, the fragrance is the most luxurious category,” said Larissa Jensen, vice president of NPD’s beauty division and industry consultant, “it’s also the higher-priced products that sell better, and that ultimate luxury is the ultimate treat for yourself.”

In addition, the soar of luxury fragrances has also led to a recovery in performance for fragrance suppliers, with Givaudan’s premium fragrance segment, Swiss fragrance supplier Firmenich’s fine fragrance business, and American International Flavors & Fragrances’ fragrance division all recording double-digit growth.




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