Sales Revenue Exceeds 100 Million! Little Ondine Rises with an Eyeliner

The Chinese makeup brand Little Ondine officially announced the brand upgrade and released a brand film and a new slogan “On The Basis Of True Colours” to position the trendy and cool makeup. The brand also put forward the concept of “BREAK AS YOU ARE” makeup in this upgrade. Little Ondine is a brand of Yatsen E-commerce, the representative product is eyeliner pen and its single product “no NG” eyeliner liquid pen has topped China’s mainstream e-commerce platform Tmall, JD as well as Vipshop in the sales list among eyeliner categories. During the Double Eleven shopping festival in 2020, Little Ondine’s flagship store on Tmall exceeded 100 million yuan (more than $15 million) in sales revenue.

Founded in 2013 by designer Simon Yu who is a returned talent after studying in Britain, Little Ondine is a beauty brand that focuses on water-based finger color nail polish and peripheral products, focusing on tasteless and safe, instant dry, tear-and-remove nail art experiences.

In 2019, Little Ondine was acquired by Perfect Diary’s parent company, Yasten E-commerce and has since embarked on a strategic transformation, launching a series of eye makeup, lip makeup and base makeup products, while the original characteristic nail polish category has gradually marginalized in the new brand.

As of September 2021, the official WeChat public account of Yasten E-commerce shows that Little Ondine’s positioning is trendy and cool makeup, hoping to leave people with the impression of cool and interesting from the use of colour, concept creation, and visual presentation of the product.

As a brand under Yasten e-commerce, the same positioning as a makeup brand, Little Ondine is often taken out and compared with perfect diary with relatively higher popularity, believing that the positioning and audience of the two brands have a certain degree of overlap. However, Little Ondine relies on eyeliner products to avoid the most competitive subdivision sector of domestic makeup competition such as Perfect Diary.

According to the official website of Yasten E-commerce, in 2020, the sales of The Little Ondine’s flagship store on Tmall exceeded 100 million yuan (more than $15 million), rushing into the top 10 of the Tmall’s makeup list.

According to the official WeChat information of Yasten E-commerce, during the “618” (June 18) shopping festival in 2021, Little Odin’s single product “no NG” eyeliner liquid pen became the top seller in the eyeliner category of Tmall, JD, and Vipshop.

In addition to creating representative products, Little Ondine also attaches great importance to the development of channels.

On September 17, 2021, Little Ondine opened its first offline store in Shanghai TX Huaihai. The opening day is also the eighth anniversary of its establishment.

In March 2022, Little Ondine made a new breakthrough in online channels and entered the 1688 platform. The 1688 platform, the predecessor of Alibaba, with its wholesale and procurement business as the core, is China’s leading e-commerce platform for domestic trade for small businesses.

In addition, in terms of product packaging and marketing, Little Ondine can also be described as painstaking and varied.

In January 2021, Xiao Odin officially announced that Huang Zitao, China’s top male star, served as the partner of the brand tide play, and jointly launched products such as blue orange contrast X eyeliner and Little Ondine not NG eye color pencil with the new color ocean wave blue.

In February 2021, Little Ondine and Bubble Mart launched a new “Big Orange Dali” makeup gift box. The gift box contains co-branded customized doll ORANGE BUNNY, co-branded polarized orange Little Ondine night highlight, and other products; the entire gift box adopts a folding structure, and the top floor of the gift box can be three-dimensionally unfolded into a “Bunny bathroom”, which is quite playful.

Other items in which Little Ondine and Bubble Mart have joined include a colorful tonal eyeliner, a double-headed mini-thin eyebrow pencil, a toy-color mascara, and an ice mist-held powder blind box.

In addition to Bubble Mart, Little Ondine has also launched a “two-colour baking tray gift box” with Cat and Mouse, and a “gacha machine gift box” with Jumbo Pearl.

In November 2021, Little Ondine and Disney collaborated to launch the VILLAINS collaboration series of makeup inspired by the Queen in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Ursula in The Little Mermaid, and Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty.

In December 2021, Little Ondine ‘White Fantasy’ winter record box was launched, the gift box packaging is designed with snow and records as elements, containing four winter limited edition products, the most noteworthy of which is the newly launched “White Gum Record” eyeshadow disc, whose mist pink brown color scheme is inspired by the snowy mountains under the sunset, presenting a dream-like and quiet winter color.

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day in 2022, Little Ondine once again subverted the design of conventional makeup products to play with new ideas and launched the “Love has an echo” phonograph gift box, through the characteristics of the phonograph which can record the sound, advocating that lovers boldly say exclusive romantic confessions. The gift box contains three Valentine’s Day “Love Echoes” themed products for smoked Kasugano Rose makeup.

The positioning of Little Ondine has been upgraded from the previous “tide play makeup” to “tide cool makeup”, perhaps to further distinguish it from the perfect diary and completely break the situation that the previous brand image and the perfect diary overlap. As for the effect, it also depends on the performance of the brand in all aspects.



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