Kwai E-commerce Combat Violation of Selling Counterfeit

Kwai E-commerce will combat illegal action of selling counterfeit in platform. If the violation is serious, the merchants will be banned accounts, taken down all goods permanently, restricted to launch new goods, banned on commercial advertisement and other penalties.

In the evening of December 22nd, Chinese e-commerce platform Kwai issued a revised announcement of the “‘Sale of Counterfeit Goods’ Implementation Rules” and a revised announcement of the “‘Sale of Counterfeit Goods’ Implementation Rules (Cross-border Merchants) “ to the crackdown on counterfeit sales on the platform.

The revised rules are added the determination of counterfeit goods. The platform will access goods by inspecting big data technology, verifying gained samples. Kwai also apply the authenticity of the identification method released by official website and other public channels to identify the goods.

In terms of violation, the platform has strengthen the punishment. Among them, if the violation are particularly serious, the merchants should pay default of $15,700 in, be deducted 100 points, banned accounts, taken down all goods permanently, restricted to launch new goods, banned on commercial advertisement and suspend settlement for 30 days. While the platform has the right to report violations to the relevant authorities. Other violations of penalties are increased banning time of the account.

Extremely serious violation include, but are not limited to: merchants repeatedly selling counterfeit and pirated goods in an improper manner and causing damage to the interests of a large number of users, merchants maliciously circumventing platform rules, hiding or obscuring information related to commodity brands, trademarks, logos and generating serious public opinion problems.

In addition, Kwai E-commerce also emphasizes that the platform has the right to close orders of the selling shoddy goods.

Kwai E-commerce founded in October 2018. In May 2019, Kwai’s self-built trading function went public to gradually improve the e-commerce infrastructure within the platform. In more than two years, Kwai E-commerce has developed very rapidly and showed explosive growth. Its GMV skyrocketed from 100 million (about $15 million) in 2018 to 59.6 billion (about $9.357 billion) in 2019. Its GMV broke 381.2 billion (about $598.48 billion) in 2020. Based on its strong community culture, high penetration and high reach, Kwai rapidly grew into one of the key community e-commerce platforms in China.



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