L’Oréal to Cease Production and Supply of Spa Brand Decléor

Yesterday (October 10), according to Professional Beauty, L’Oréal, the renowned beauty and cosmetics conglomerate, has announced its decision to discontinue the production and supply of spa brand Decléor.

Professional Beauty stated that the company’s strategic approach involves periodically acquiring and, at times, exiting brands to maintain a strong and complementary portfolio that ensures long-term success. L’Oréal’s focus on brands prescribed by healthcare professionals has been instrumental in the success of L’Oréal Dermatological Beauty.

Decléor, unfortunately, faced significant challenges due to the international economic and health crisis over the past years. These adversities have exacerbated the brand’s fragility and impacted its overall viability. In a letter addressed to Decléor’s salon and spa accounts, L’Oréal acknowledged the brand’s struggles and explained the decision to terminate its commercialization.

The letter provided notice to spa and salon stockists that their Decléor Selective Distribution Agreement would be terminated, effective from December 31, 2023. It also outlined that stock could be purchased until December 19, 2023, subject to availability and at the usual price. Salon owners were permitted to continue offering Decléor treatments and retail products as long as their supplies allowed.

However, in line with the terms and conditions of sale, L’Oréal stated that it would be unable to accept the return of any remaining stock. Despite this development, L’Oréal emphasized its commitment to maintaining a fair and sincere relationship with its business partners during the notice period.

L’Oréal assured salon accounts that their Decléor business development executives would remain available to address any inquiries or concerns. The company expressed gratitude for the efforts made by its partners and the excellent relationship they had cultivated throughout their collaboration in marketing Decléor products.

L’Oréal initially acquired Decléor from Shiseido in 2014. Founded in 1974, Decléor has been recognized as a spa brand renowned for its products and treatments. While L’Oréal’s decision marks the end of Decléor’s commercialization, the company remains committed to its partners and continues to focus on its robust and diversified brand portfolio.



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