L’Oreal’s Makeup Brand 3CE Won Trademark Infringement Lawsuit

In 2018, South Korea’s 3CE Stylenanda was acquired by L’Oréal Group. In 2019, the brand officially entered the Chinese market. Currently, the trademark and product sales rights of 3CE in mainland China belong to L’Oreal.

Recently, 3CE Stylenanda won a final judgment in a trademark infringement lawsuit. The Beijing High People’s Court decided to reject the plaintiff’s appeal and to uphold the first instance judgment of the Beijing Intellectual Property Court, namely that the trademark 3CE, a brand of L’Oreal Group, and the trademark “3CE” registered by Chinese counterfeiters are not significantly different in terms of word composition, call and overall appearance. Because they cause confusion among consumers as to the source of the goods, they also constitute similar trademarks used on similar goods. The court ruled that the Chinese counterfeit “3CE” trademark was invalidated.

The logo of 3CE, a makeup brand of L’Oreal Group, was originally “3 concept eyes” in English. However, in 2012, the trademark “3 CONCEPT EYES” was applied for in the Chinese market by Shanghai Fenlan Cosmetics Co.

After careful identification, we can find that the trademark of “3CE” registered in China is highly similar to the trademark of 3CE, a makeup brand of L’Oreal Group, which is a blatant “plagiarism”.

The trademark of L’Oreal Group’s makeup brand 3CE is designed with the classic triangle black and white line design and its makeup products are popular in Asia. But there are some manufacturers imitate or copy the trademark so consumers need to further improve the ability to identify when buying products. 3CE always adheres to the protection of consumer rights and interests and promotes a more stable market. At present, the trademark and product sales rights of 3CE in mainland China belong to L’Oreal Group.

In 2018, South Korea’s 3CE was acquired by L’Oreal Group. In early 2019, the brand officially entered the Chinese market and focused on e-commerce channels. In January 2019, 3CE entered the Chinese e-commerce platform Tmall and opened a brand flagship store, which became the No. 1 Korean makeup brand. On the first day, its sales exceeded $2.27 million and sales of three main products entered the TOP 10 of the sale. In only 48 days of entering the Chinese market, it became the No. 1 sales in the industry.




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