L’Oréal’s New Beauty Tech Take Center Stage at VivaTech

Recently, L’Oréal introduced a range of technological innovations in the field of beauty at the Viva Technology Paris event.

Recently, L’Oréal introduced a range of technological innovations in the field of beauty at the Viva Technology Paris event. These innovations aim to make beauty accessible to everyone and cater to individual needs. L’Oréal emphasizes the positive impact of beauty on individuals and society. The innovations include smart and eco-friendly beauty products, digital services, and diagnostic devices that use data to provide personalized and inclusive virtual beauty experiences.

At the VivaTech event, L’Oréal showcased its ability to utilize data, technology, and AI to provide consumers with personalized beauty products and services that cater to their specific needs. The company’s booth demonstrated its expertise in this area and its commitment to using innovative solutions to help consumers make informed decisions about beauty.

L’Oréal stated that the company’s Beauty Tech division has expanded significantly, with over 5,900 employees dedicated to this area. The company now offers more than 800 online services, with 40 million service sessions in 2022 alone.

L’Oreal will be participating in VivaTech for the seventh year in a row, where the company will showcase its latest technological innovations and partnerships. These offerings include inclusive beauty tech solutions like HAPTA from Lancôme, which enables people with physical limitations to apply makeup. L’Oreal will also present diagnostic and coaching tools such as La Roche-Posay SPOTSCAN, META PROFILER™ by Giorgio Armani, and Kérastase K-SCAN. Additionally, the company will showcase personalized beauty tech solutions like 3D shu: brow by shu uemura, which allows for a professional eyebrow look at home.

L’Oréal also provided information about two of its partnerships. The first is Impact+, which aims to measure the impact of L’Oréal’s digital media activities. This partnership will help the company better understand the effectiveness of its marketing campaigns and make data-driven decisions. The second partnership is a three-year agreement with Alibaba to reduce the environmental impact of L’Oréal’s e-commerce activities in China. This partnership will focus on reducing waste and promoting sustainable practices throughout the supply chain.

“This year at VivaTech, we have assembled an exceptional line-up of Beauty Tech innovations that deliver positive impact,” said Nicolas Hieronimus, CEO, of L’Oréal Groupe. “By putting our resources behind emerging technologies that democratize access to smarter and more sustainable beauty, we enable everyone to enjoy beauty more equitably and on their terms.”

Source: L’Oréal



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