LVMH-owned DFS Teams up with Ctrip and UnionPay Eyes on China Travel Retail Market

DFS, the LVMH-owned travel retailer, signed strategic partnerships with Ctrip Global Shopping and Unipay International. The partnership is aimed to focus on China travel retail market.

DFS Group, the luxury travel retailer owned by LVMH, has announced that it has formed two strategic partnerships to expand its reach to Chinese customers who are resuming their travels.

Firstly, DFS Group has entered a strategic partnership with UnionPay International (UPI), a subsidiary of a state-owned payment processing company in China. As part of the partnership, DFS Group and UnionPay International (UPI) will collaborate to promote the adoption of QR code payments and U-Plan, which is UPI’s cross-border marketing platform. Additionally, UPI will assist DFS in enhancing its marketing content and strengthening customer relationships.

In response to the trend of resuming cross-border travel, UnionPay International and DFS have announced further upgrades to their summer travel and National Day holiday marketing activities based on previous cooperation achievements. UnionPay International will also leverage its resource integration capabilities to attract more commercial banks to participate, allowing consumers to enjoy greater discounts.

In addition to marketing cooperation, the two sides also agreed to comprehensively enhance the service capabilities for UnionPay cardholders. Firstly, promote the integration of DFS official mall resources with the Cloud Flash App, providing Cloud Flash App users with an innovative shopping mode of “online purchase, offline pick-up.” Secondly, accelerate the promotion of UnionPay QR code acceptance, opening DFS stores in Hong Kong, Macau, South Pacific, Indonesia, Japan, and other locations to support UnionPay QR code payments. Thirdly, promote the integration of UnionPay QR code payment codes and related discount coupon codes, allowing consumers to complete payment and enjoy discounts with a single scan. In the future, the two sides will also explore cooperation opportunities in the fields of DFS membership and points redemption.

Moreover, DFS Group and Ctrip Global Shopping signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Shanghai. The two parties will cooperate in marketing services, online experience upgrades, and membership reciprocity to jointly create a more comprehensive pre-travel, mid-travel, and overseas travel shopping service for travelers. Currently, the convenience of outbound travel continues to improve, and the potential for Chinese tourists’ shopping consumption continues to recover, making the overseas travel shopping market promising.

DFS and Ctrip Global Shopping will focus on strengthening the digitalization of travel shopping and upgrading various cooperation models. In the future, users will be able to use Ctrip points to redeem DFS cash vouchers and the existing Ctrip cashback cooperation will also be applied to more DFS stores worldwide, including the DFS Chongqing Airport store, which will go online for cooperation in June this year. Previously, the two parties have made new promotion attempts in the fields of DFS World and the Annual Beauty Campaign.



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