Mac Cosmetics to Introduce Its Skincare Line in February in India

CHAILEEDO found that this is not Mac’s first foray into skincare. It says its goal is to have about 30 percent of its beauty customers use its skincare products in the next three years.

Fashion Network news, the North American beauty brand Mac Cosmetics will launch its new skincare line Hyper Real Serumizer this February in India. The Hyper Real Serumizer from Mac Cosmetics is a multipurpose fluid with hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and Japanese peony extract that can be massaged into the skin. The first item from the company’s new “Hyper Real” range to be on sale, the product is meant to address several skin problems at once. A moisturizing balm and cleansing oil are also on the horizon.

The new collection, according to MAC, The Estée Lauder-owned business, was created to enhance makeup and improve skin as a result of MAC and its makeup artists’ understanding of the importance of skincare in connection to cosmetics. In the next three years, the company claims that 30% of its beauty clients would utilize skincare items.

“We have to have skincare that works with makeup,” said Mac Cosmetics’ global creative director Drew Elliott about the brand’s new launch, Vogue India reported. “Performance-based skincare just completes the kit.”

Several multi-brand retailers, including Sephora and Shoppers Stop, sell Mac Cosmetics in India. The firm is eager to capitalize on the rapidly expanding skincare industry in India, which increased dramatically during the epidemic and is still growing.

CHAILEEDO found that this skincare line launched by Mac Cosmetics has also been launched on the official flagship store on Tmall in China, with products including Mac Hyper Real SkinCanvas Balm, Mac Hyper Real Fresh Canvas Cleansing Oil, and Mac Hyper Real Serumizer, with monthly sales of 19. The three products were found on the official website of the National Medical Products Administration in November 2022 in China, but Mac was not seen to have greater promotion when the new products were launched.

This is not MAC’s first foray into skincare – the brand has previously launched its Prep and Prime lines, including primers, setting powders and setting sprays, as well as its Lightful C3 line of cleansers and makeup removers, which are sold primarily in the Asia-Pacific region. Previously, MAC’s skincare products were more of a “supporting role to add life to makeup,” but now the skincare line is being revitalized as consumers invest more in their skincare routines.



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