Mask With Art Experience Dr. Jart+ Widespread in Chinese Market

In the Double 11 - Chinese Shopping Festival- in 2020, Dr. Jart+ pre-sale broke $15 million for the first day ranking as the No. 1 in the imported mask category on same period.

The name “Dr. Jart+” means the collision and fusion of “Doctor of Skin Medicine” and “Art of Skincare”. The brand has always insisted on combining innovative skincare technology with trendy and connecting meticulous and rigorous science of skincare with passionate skincare art. It is committed to developing and creating products with the aim of healthy and pure beauty of the skin.

Founded in 2004, Dr. Jart+ has been growing rapidly not only in Korea but also in the U.S. and European markets. Its outstanding market performance soon caught the attention of international cosmetic giants as well. In 2019, Estee Lauder spent a huge amount of money to acquire Dr. Jart+ parent company and expected Dr. Jart+ sales to reach $500 million that year. Estee Lauder believes that the brand appeals to a variety of consumer groups through a unique combination of skin science and art. It also has received significant attention from younger generations in the U.S. and Asia. Estee Lauder also gives Dr. Jart+ high remarks for its express innovation, ability to extend markets, and distinctive dosage forms.

Dr. Jart+, the originator of Toning Light and Vital Hydra Solution, is loved by young consumers and has a strong market position not only in Korea but also in China. Thus it attracts numerous young consumers once it launched it China.

The uniqueness packaging of Dr. Jart+ and the safety of its ingredients have also sought after by beauty enthusiasts. Chinese consumers have turned into a loyal audience for the brand. Its single product, Vital Hydra Solution, has become an hot-selling product in the Chinese market. It was snapped up again and again, which has also laid a solid foundation for future development of Dr. Jart+ in China.

Initially in the Chinese market, Dr. Jart+ first cultivated its consumer base through channels such as Sephora and Tmall flagship stores. Later in 2016, the brand opened its first brand-independent counter in Shanghai for the Chinese market. Today, there are still many consumers spontaneously promoting Dr. Jart+ products on Chinese social media platforms such as Weibo, TikTok and Xiaohongshu by saying that it is effective.

During the Double 11 – Chinese Shopping Festival- in 2019, it saw an excellent performance from Dr. Jart+, with its official Tmall flagship store surpassing $15 million in single-store sales at 21:46:28 on 11 November, successfully establishing the brand as one of the most loved skin care brands in the minds of consumers. In addition, Dr. Jart+ Vital Hydra Solution have also been one of the most popular beauty items on Chinese social media platforms in recent years with selling over 1,400,000 boxes in total on Double 11, which shows its popularity.

In the Double 11 in 2020, Dr. Jart+ pre-sale broke $15 million for the first day ranking as the No. 1 in the imported mask category on the same period. The final sales of Dr. Jart+ increased 87% throughout the Double 11 compared to the previous year. And several star products were snapped up, including popular products such as Vital Hydra Solution, Soothing Hydra Solution, V7 Toning Light and the second generation of Cicapair Re-Cover. This is also the first satisfactory performance of Dr. Jart+ after joining Estee Lauder Group.

Dr. Jart+ focuses on product efficacy, ingredient safety and artistic design, and enhances consumers’ skin care experience from the details. It enhances consumers’ skin care experience from the details. It has always spared no effort in creating healthy beauty. We also expect the brand to continue to sprinkle more artistic sparks with Chinese consumers and bring more surprises to everyone.

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