Mistine Took Great Effort in Sunscreen And Gained Recognition

As a Thai beauty brand with a 33-year history, Mistine innovate product to follow the trend and respond to market conditions. The brand has demonstrated its strong strength in the sunscreen market.

Established in 1988, Mistine has been the No.1 selling brand in Thailand for 33 consecutive years and is also the brand used by the Princess of Thailand. In 2016, Mistine entered into China targeting Chinese students aged 18-25, youth in small town and Generation Z. …… In order to find more young people, Mistine has made frequent moves in marketing such as brand endorsement, celebrity live streaming and KOL promotion.

As we all know, one of the best ways for brands to break its fixed barrier, establish efficient communication with young people and create emotional resonance is to use celebrity endorsement. It is especially important to choose a celebrity spokesperson who matches the brand image or philosophy.

In this regard, Mistine knows its stuff. In May, the idol group INTO1-Liu Yu was officially announced as its hot spokesperson. In October, it launched Thai popular idol PP KRIT as its energetic spokesman. As a Thai national beauty brand with 33 years of history, Mistine always insists on tropical specialization, discovers and explores beauty with enthusiasm and love. It remains a optimistic mindset with vitality and energy for a multifaceted life.

In addition to celebrity endorsements, Mistine’s marketing also covers almost all mainstream Chinese social media platforms such as Taobao, Kwai, and TikTok, with 500+ KOLs recommendations across the network and most of the collaborators are top traffic live streamers such as Li Jiaqi.

It goes without saying that marketing is just a channel to establish communication with consumers. The core competitive advantage of a brand is always the product from the beginning. In this regard, Mistine also enjoys high-quality products. Not only does the brand maintain its philosophy of “always striving to bring high-quality, cost-effective products to consumers around the world”, but it also keeps up with market trends and analysis into consumer needs.

For example, demand from Chinese consumers became more and more discerning about SPF for sun protection products in recent years. Big data from Ali shows that Chinese consumers prefer sunscreen products of high SPF, with SPF50 products accounting for 89% of sales volume and sales amount. In terms of PA value, PA+++ products are the most popular. In addition to the competition of SPF, the factors such as refreshing and non-irritating is also a major selling point of sunscreen products. Nowadays, skin care efficacy of sunscreen products has also become a new promotional point for businesses and sunscreens containing specific skin care ingredients are also good to sell. This shows that sunscreen with high SPF and skin care sunscreen become the two mainstream needs in the sunscreen market today.

Therefore, Mistine is rapidly upgrading its sunscreen family in 2021. In addition to the original advantages of high protection from sunshine, water and sweat resistance, fast film formation and refreshing skin feel, Mistine’s second generation sunscreen family products will fully open the era of skin care and repair.

According to Mistine, the newly upgraded Mistine Aqua Base Ultra Protection Facial Cream contains Thai natural herbal ancient recipes and selected from local Thai plants to repair and soothe the skin after sun exposure. The skin can experience the comfort and enjoyment of being close to nature and achieve upgraded nourishment.

The other star product, Mistine Aqua Base Ultra Protection Sunscreen Body Lotion, contains a new addition of laboratory-grade moisturizing ingredients vitamin B5 and plant soothing essence ingredients Thai white lotus. It creatively applies of ectoin in the sunscreen to synergistic effect and achieve the upgrade of moisturizing protection, effective prevention of sun-dry skin sunburn with more hydrating and soothing.

Not only is the material body upgraded, but the packaging of both of these products has also been upgraded and features an ergonomic design for better ergonomics and ease of use.

In addition to upgrading its best-selling star products, Mistine also launched its new Base Essential Care Sunscreen Milk in January this year. Mistine introduced that this product is a triple lab-grade extract of ceramide, red myrrh alcohol and phytosterol to repair and soothe after-sun discomfort. The water-based, oil-free formula gives the skin an essence-grade, watery and clear experience, which is a two-in-one sunscreen and skin care product that greatly meets the advanced needs of urban commuters and lazy people.

This shows that Mistine is further increasing the matrix of its product to meet the sun protection needs of consumers in different occasions.

It is worth noting that Mistine’s high standards and strict requirements for product quality as well as its timely grasp of changing market trends. That has made its sunscreen family of products not only popular with Chinese consumers, but also highly recognized by the market and the industry.

In 2017, total sales of Mistine in China exceeded $156 million. In the promotional campaign on June 18th in 2018 618, sales of Mistine Tmall overseas flagship store were 16 times higher than the same campaign in the previous year. On the first day of the sale, Mistine sunscreen ranked No. 1 on the entire network in real time. The store sold a total of 470,000 items and sales exceeded $3.134 million.

In 2020, Mistine sunscreen products Matte & Light facial cream in the promotional campaign for Women’s Day in Tmall ranked No. 1 in the category of sunscreen. At the same time, Mistine Aqua Base Ultra Protection Facial Cream also once ranked to the number one product in both list of traffic and transaction in Tmall sunscreen category goods on March 22. In the sunscreen ranking of whole March, Mistine also won the first place in the list.

As a Thai beauty brand with a history of 33 years, Mistine has always adhered to the product concepts of “tropical research”, “waterproof and sweatproof” and “0 oil skin feeling”. The brand continues to innovate its products and flexibly responds to the market environment, which has demonstrated the brand’s hardcore strength in the sunscreen market. Mistine is expected to become the leading brand in the Chinese sunscreen market with its continuous efforts.



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