Miniso Opens More Than 20 New Stores in the U.S. to Strengthen Brand Presence

Recently, Miniso, the global lifestyle brand, is accelerating its expansion in the United States with the opening of over 20 new stores.

This expansion strategy has allowed Miniso to enter 10 new states in recent months, including Michigan, Oregon, South Carolina, Arizona, Connecticut, Louisiana, Maine, Georgia, Indiana, and Oklahoma. One of the brand’s most recent store openings is located in Castleton Square Mall, Indiana’s largest shopping center, occupying approximately 3,500 square feet.

Miniso’s expansion into new regions also extends to the central United States, with store openings in Louisiana at the Mall of Louisiana in Baton Rouge and in Michigan at the Great Lakes Crossing, the state’s largest indoor outlet shopping center and entertainment venue. Simultaneously, Miniso is strengthening its presence in renowned shopping destinations like the Fashion Show in Nevada and Northridge Fashion Center in California.

Looking ahead, Miniso has plans to further extend its reach by entering North Carolina and New Hampshire before the end of the year. These strategic locations, often situated in major areas such as shopping malls, business districts, transportation hubs, and community centers, aim to enhance brand visibility and attract a diverse customer base.

Tyrone Li, the general manager of Miniso USA, expressed excitement about the brand’s rapid growth in the United States, strategically placing new stores in key states. He emphasized the goal of making Miniso products easily accessible to consumers across the country, offering trendy and high-quality lifestyle goods for which the brand is known.

As of June 2023, Miniso operates approximately 5,800 stores worldwide, with over 2,200 stores located overseas. The United States has emerged as an important market for Miniso, with a presence in over 20 states and more than 40 stores in California alone. While the company has primarily focused on the East and West coasts, it plans to explore new regions.

Li further stated that the store expansion aligns with their dedication to bringing Miniso’s trendy and enjoyable products to a wider audience of American consumers. Miniso aims to open at least 15 more stores in the United States by the end of the year as part of its brand upgrade strategy.

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