New Appearance of KANS Anti-Aging Family

Chinese skincare brand KANS launched a new Peptide Tender Firming Toner in a limited edition co-branded with Chinese calligrapher Zhu Jingyi, which claims to add Tiracle Pro, a peptide ingredient, with the main effect of lightening and firming anti-aging, at a unit price of $35.

Previously, in the anti-aging category, KANS had launched the Copper Peptide Firming Essence Gift Box, claiming to have real-time anti-aging and restorative effects with Copper Peptide as the core ingredient.

According to CHAILEEDO, KANS was founded in 2003 and is part of the Chicmax Group. In 2022, the brand was officially upgraded and positioned as a “scientific anti-aging” brand. In fact, KANS has been preparing for anti-aging for a long time: in 2016, the Chicmax Group’s research center in Kobe, Japan was established. In 2018, Chicmax Group Cosmetics’ research center at its headquarters in Global Harbor was put into operation. At that time, KANS announced that the exclusive patented ingredient Tiracle was fully operational and followed by the launch of the KANS Hydra-Replumping series, driving a comprehensive upgrade of the brand.

“When Chinese brands develop new technologies and products, there is nothing readily available to learn from, so we have to try and make mistakes again and again. The process is boring and there is no feedback, But without trying, you never know where your limits are.” said the head of KANS. It is reported that Chicmax Group invests nearly 100 million yuan($14.86 million) in research every year, with two major research centers in China and Japan, two major supply chains, and a team of more than 200 R&D personnel, deeply cultivating anti-aging/micro-ecology/sensitive skin care/infant care and other segments.

KANS has been exploring innovative segments of anti-aging efficacy, for example, launching the Activator Energy Infusion Essence series, which focuses on anti-sugar, anti-blue light, and anti-oxidation. In 2021, KANS further enriched its high-end anti-aging product line, pursued the perfect ratio of anti-aging ingredients, and launched “Anti-wrinkle Protecting Double Serum” and “Collagen Plumping Cream Based Sheet Mask”. The Anti-wrinkle Protecting Double Serum is sold for $47.4 at the Chinese e-commerce platform Tmall flagship store, with monthly sales of 2,000+ units.

It is worth mentioning that under the new Chinese cosmetic regulations, the development of new products has generally become slower, but in order to quickly and flexibly respond to new consumer demands, KANS has 3-5 formulas for each product undergoing R&D and efficacy verification at the same time, in order to “take small steps” while playing it safe.

It is reported that KANS reached sales of $170 million in 2021 (as of September 30). According to the person in charge of KANS’ official flagship store, “Since its arrival on Taobao, KANS’ sales curve has rocketed, with monthly increases of 30% to 55% compared to the previous month, and an average annual increase of over 100%.” Since 2021, sales in Taobao have increased by 600% year-on-year, with sales of core products exceeding 4 million yuan ($594,000). Its main Copper Peptide Firming Essence Gift Box has total sales of 5,000+ units, priced at $133.6.

For the sector of anti-aging, international beauty groups such as Estee Lauder, L’Oreal, and Shiseido have launched long-established anti-aging products. Such as Estee Lauder’s main anti-aging ingredients ergothioneine, L’Oreal launched a patented ingredient Boswellin, as well as SK-II patented ingredients PITERA, etc.

And in recent years, Chinese beauty brands have also entered the game. For example, Chinese hyaluronic acid giant Bloomage Biotech has developed Biobloom™ Micromax ME-2, a new member of Bloomage Biotech’s family of fermentation platform ingredients. This new ingredient focuses on anti-aging, rich in a variety of amino acids, water-soluble proteins, polysaccharides, organic acids, and other active substances, including anti-oxidant superpowers from probiotics.

Whitening, moisturizing, and anti-aging, are the beauty industry’s recognized skincare three needs, anti-aging is regardless of skin color, regardless of race, and the global consumer “take-all” skin care needs. In terms of the Chinese market, anti-aging has shown an increasingly young trend. According to a survey, 59.2% of people in their 20s and 30s are stressed about aging, and 19.64% of young people aged 20 to 25 are “very anxious” about aging. At the same time, 28% of the post-00s have started using anti-aging products. Undoubtedly, in recent years, anti-aging has been one of the fastest growing and most promising segments in China’s skincare sector.




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