P&G Responds to SK-II Nuclear Pollution Rumor: Products Meet Chinese Safety Standards

Procter & Gamble has responded to the suspicion of nuclear contamination at the SK-II production site. They stated that all SK-II products are manufactured with strict adherence to both internal and external standards and comply with regulatory requirements in the market.

On June 13, there were reports that a large amount of radioactive cesium-containing wood chips was found on the banks of the confluence of the Kamo River and Lake Biwa in Japan. These wood chips are part of the irradiated trees from the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident.

It is reported that Lake Biwa is the only production site for SK-II’s star product, Facial Treatment Essence. According to the SK-II official WeChat account, the factory and production lines of Facial Treatment Essence are located on the banks of Lake Biwa, Japan’s largest lake, which is also the only source of water for the brand’s products. There are no other production channels worldwide.

According to Beijing Business Daily on June 14, in response to the issue of SK-II production site being suspected of nuclear contamination, Procter & Gamble responded to reporters saying that all SK-II products are produced in strict accordance with internal and external standards and meet market regulatory requirements.

Procter & Gamble stated that the company has confirmed that SK-II products produced in Japan or shipped abroad are safe to use. To ensure the safety of SK-II products, those imported to China have voluntarily undergone targeted radiation-related testing. At the same time, all SK-II products launched in China have undergone strict product safety testing in laboratories designated by the Chinese government to ensure compliance with Chinese regulations and are registered/filed according to Chinese laws.

The alleged nuclear radiation incident originated from illegal dumping on the banks of the confluence of the Kamo River and Lake Biwa in 2014. According to Procter & Gamble, in response to the illegal dumping, the local government immediately completed the cleanup and conducted tests on radioactive concentrations and other factors. In March 2015, a statement was issued stating that the area was not affected by nuclear radiation.

SK-II is a high-end cosmetics and skincare brand originating from Japan. In 1991, the SK-II brand, and trademark were acquired by Procter & Gamble, which authorized the Japanese Procter & Gamble to be responsible for the overall production of the brand.

On April 21, Procter & Gamble reported net sales of $20.1 billion for the third quarter of fiscal year 2023, an increase of 4% compared to the previous year. However, due to a decline in sales of its core brand SK-II in travel retail channels, Procter & Gamble’s skin and personal care organic sales grew at a low single-digit rate.

“We’re not yet seeing any return of Chinese consumers to travel retail. That is a significant negative for us in the SK-II business specifically,” Procter & Gamble CFO Andre Schulten said in a conference call.



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