PROYA, the First Share in the Chinese Skincare Products Industry With its New Product Unveiled

Chinese cosmetics brand PROYA launched “YOUTH ACTIVATING EYE CREAM”, claiming to add two new ingredients NOX-AGE and BOSWELLIA SERRATA RESIN EXTRACT, which can effectively resist dark circles.

PROYA, the First Share in the Chinese Skincare Products Industry, With its New Product Unveiled It is understood that the NOX-AGE contained in the “YOUTH ACTIVATING EYE CREAM” is co-created by PROYA and ASHLAND, a global frontier laboratory, which is composed of lavender active essence and polypeptides. while BOSWELLIA SERRATA RESIN EXTRACT is created by using transdermal transmission technology to wrap 4 ingredients in a special way. Meanwhile, PROYA says the upgraded version removes the irritating ingredient and is mild and non-allergenic. At present, the product has been pre-sold in PROYA’s official flagship store on Tmall with a pre-price of $44 per 20 ml. As of April 12, the reservation has exceeded 1000 units. According to the official website, PROYA was born in Hangzhou in 2003, a beautiful city, which was the earliest cosmetic brand launched by PROYA Cosmetics Co., Ltd. and focused on the research of Deep Ocean Energy. PROYA Cosmetics Co., Ltd. has always been known as “the first share in the Chinese beauty industry”. In 2008, PROYA adheres to the “scientific formula”. A scientific skincare laboratory was set up in 2008 based on professional skin texture research. The brand focuses on the study of core active ingredients and tests many times before launching the product and was committed to providing a safer and more effective scientific skincare program. The brand started from the daily chemical channel with a multi-category, multi-channel operation mechanism and has begun to set its foot into the supermarket, e-commerce, and other channels, which has formed a nationwide and three-dimensional marketing service network. To date, PROYA has tailored 11 comprehensive skincare series of products aimed to solve the nine skin problems of different ages in Asia, along with a base makeup collection. The brand’s star products include the series of “ADVANCED ORIGINAL REPAIR CONCENTRATING ESSENCE”, which focuses on anti-ageing, and the series of “DEEP OCEAN ENERGY”, which focuses on improving fine wrinkles. Celebrity items include “SLIK GLOW SERUM Foundation”, “WRINKLELESS AND FIRMING LIGHT CREAM”, “ULTIMATE REPAIRING”, “ELASTIC BRIGHTENING YOUTH ACTIVATING EMULSION” and “SUN AROUND UV PROTECTIVE SUNSCREEN SERUM”. As of April 12, the “SUN AROUND UV PROTECTIVE SUNSCREEN SERUM” topped PROYA’s official flagship store on Tmall, with a monthly sales volume of over 90,000, priced at $23 to $50. The “AQUA MOISTURIZING RENEWAL MASK” ranked second in sales followed by the “SUN AROUND UV PROTECTIVE SUNSCREEN SERUM”, priced at $14 to $20 and both the “ELASTIC BRIGHTENING YOUTH ACTIVATING LOTION” and the “ELASTIC BRIGHTENING YOUTH ACTIVATING EMULSION” priced at $41 to $63, with monthly sales volume exceeding 30,000. During the double eleven periods in 2021 (the Chinese online shopping festival), PROYA’s flagship store on Tmall exceeded more than 100 million yuan (RMB) within only 34 minutes on November 1 and the turnover in just 7 hours exceeded the total turnover of last year’s. In March 2022, PROYA issued a performance forecast: it is expected that the net profit attributable to $23.24 million to $24.97 million from January to March 2022 will increase by 35% to 45% over the previous year, which is mainly attributed to the rapid growth of all brand sales during the International Women’s Day on March 8 2022, of which the GMV of the PROYA’s official flagship store on Tmall increased by more than 200% year-on-year and the GMV on TikTok increased by more than 100% year-on-year. PROYA has done a remarkable job both in its sales performance and brand marketing strategy. Since 2021, PROYA has embarked on brand marketing. In March 2021, PROYA joined hands with CHINA WOMEN’S NEWS to launch a promotional video “Gender is not a boundary line”, which is inspiring. In May 2021, together with One Way Street Library and Shanghai Translation Publishing House, it launched a 520 (20th May which represents “I love you” in Chinese pronunciation) special plan “Dare to Love, But Also Dare not Love” to explore the true meaning of love. In September 2021, together with China Post, launched the opening season of “Written to the 18-year-old Self”. On World Mental Health Day, together with China Youth Daily and Yi Xin Li, PROYA launched the public service short film “Echo”, which released the emotions in the hearts of the audience. At the beginning of 2022, PROYA’s different “turnaround” marketing is eye-catching. With the mainline of New Year, subway and poems, PROYA invited 27 “poets” from different fields to create works on the theme of hope. The Shenzhen Metro “Fan Shen” (turning over) station echoes people’s New Year’s resolution of “being a new self”. The power of words trickles down in the subway stations where pedestrians come and go and the warmth and healing power are permeating in people’s hearts in the post-pandemic era. Sun Li, PROYA’s spokesperson, personally read the co-creation poem “What is the New Year” of the project, further raising the brand’s fame. During International Women’s Day on March 8, 2022, PROYA planned an advertising film, “Xing Shi Shao Nu” (Awakening Lion Girl) with “being equal” as its core. And PROYA also planned public welfare activities, so that more people participated in the topic of “gender prejudice”. PROYA does not aim at sensationalism, but empathy. PROYA positions its brand marketing in a way of claiming its own emotional demands, which creates PROYA’s “Youth” and supports the core of the brand.



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