Puig Opened the First-ever Penhaligon’s Counter in Bangkok

Puig has partnered with King Power International Group to open Penhaligon’s new counter at King Power Rangnam in Bangkok. The opening marks the niche fragrance brand’s first-ever travel retail space in Thailand.

Source: Penhaligon’s

Recently, Puig and King Power International Group have partnered to launch the first-ever retail area for the perfume brand Penhaligon’s in Thailand, marking its debut in the country.

The 15-square-meter counter is located in the beauty hall of King Power Rangnam store, which is situated in downtown Bangkok, and is surrounded by other luxury and exclusive brands.

The retail design of the counter is inspired by the Nile River and its significance in creating a range of fragrances over time. It is also reflected in Penhaligon’s signature color. The counter’s design merges the brand’s architectural elements with its unique color scheme.

The counter showcases three popular collections from Penhaligon’s – Portraits, British Tales, and Trade Routes. Shortly, the brand’s Home and Bath & Body Collection will also be available at the counter.

To support the opening of the Penhaligon’s counter at King Power Rangnam, Puig has partnered with King Power and the Chinese online payment platform Alipay to conduct a robust digital and social media campaign. The campaign includes the first-ever Alipay Media Buy partnership outside of China, which targets Chinese travelers visiting Thailand and runs throughout June.

Kaatje Noens, Puig Executive Vice President Global Travel Retail, said: “The launch of Penhaligon’s in Thailand marks a strategic step in our growth ambitions for the brand and we are confident that consumers in the Thai capital will be captivated by Penhaligon’s unique storytelling.

“King Power Rangnam is a world-class shopping destination with an outstanding beauty offer befitting the luxury appeal of Penhaligon’s.” Kaatje Noens added.

Nunchanin Viriyatharakij, King Power International Group EVP, Group Merchandising Division, added: “With its compelling brand story, exquisite product offer and beautiful retail activations, Penhaligon’s is an exciting new addition to our exclusive niche beauty offer at King Power Rangnam.”



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