Santa Maria Novella Partnered with one of the World’s Leading Luxury Department Stores

Santa Maria Novella, the Florence-based perfumery and cosmetics brand, has partnered with Harrods, one of London’s most iconic department stores, to strengthen its retail presence in London.

Santa Maria Novella, the Florence-based perfumery and cosmetics brand, has partnered with Harrods, one of the world’s leading luxury department stores, to strengthen its retail presence in London.

The brand, which operates two stores in London – one in Piccadilly Arcade and another in Walton Street – will now occupy a space on the ground floor of Harrods, alongside the store’s beauty department, featuring its signature Florentine wood and marble interiors.

Gian Luca Perris, the Chief Executive Officer of Santa Maria Novella said: “Harrods is one of the leading luxury department stores in the world. It’s a milestone for Santa Maria Novella to enter this space, to reinforce the retail presence in London and increase our brand awareness within the London customers and all international clients visiting Harrods.”

Gian Luca Perris also stated that Harrods is a symbol of London, just as Santa Maria Novella is a symbol of Florence and Florentine craftsmanship. He believes that people who step into Harrods expect to find the finest and most premium brands, and Santa Maria Novella is a brand that they should discover during their visit.

Santa Maria Novella can trace its origins back to 1221 when it was founded as a convent for Dominican friars. Today, it is considered the oldest pharmacy in the world and continues to operate in the same location where it all began. The legacy of its apothecary art spans eight centuries and is closely connected to the history, personalities, and social fabric of Florence, creating a magical blend of stories and wonders that is constantly renewed.

Nowadays, Santa Maria Novella provides a wide range of over 600 products, including skincare, soaps, pomades, colognes, candles, ambient fragrances, and liqueurs. All its products are packaged in its signature old-school packaging, which is instantly recognizable.

In Jan 2023, Santa Maria Novella opened its first concept store in Hong Kong Harbour City.

Source: WWD



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