Seeyoung Went Through 8 Years to Become the No.1 Non-Silicone Scalp Care Brand in China

Recently, oIBP, a well-known market research institution, issued a certification statement for Seeyoung on “No.1 Non-Silicone Scalp Care Brand in China”. After Seeyoung obtained the “No. 1 Non-Silicone Personal Care Brand in China ①” in 2021, it won the official certification of “No. 1 Non-Silicone Scalp Care Brand in China ②” by oIBP in 2022.

Established in 2014, Seeyoung is positioned as a Chinese shampoo and hair care brand in the non-silicone market. From shampooing to dry hair spray to essential oils and scalp essences, Seeyoung gradually broadens the scalp care track, fully infiltrating the brand concept of its non-silicone scalp care while using the healthy scalp care concept to occupy the minds of consumers.

For Seeyoung, the continuous recognition of authoritative institutions is closely related to their strong product power. And every high-quality product is inseparable from its scientific research strength as a strong backing. Relying on the strong R&D strength of the parent company, Guangzhou Uniasia Cosmetic Technology Co., Ltd., Seeyoung has obtained 13 related product patents, 7 scientific and technological appraisal achievements, 5 scientific and technological progress awards, and 5 high-tech products, forming a core product cluster with the efficacy and technical characteristics of ginger(prevents baldness), tea seed(dandruff removal), and soapberry(oil control). Among them, its ginger series has sold more than 40 million bottles in total and obtained the national makeup anti-hair loss special certificate.

The high emphasis on research and development has made Seeyoung aim at high-standard production and incubation from the very beginning. In order to continuously improve important processes such as raw materials and production, Seeyoung has carried out close strategic cooperation with world-renowned raw material research and production companies such as Symrise and Clariant. In addition, its in-depth cooperation with scientific research institutions such as Guangzhou Quality Supervision and Testing Institute and Japan BHI has also added a strong boost to its development.

Seeyoung not only leads the non-silicone shampoo market in China with its strong product R&D strength, but also focuses on the Z generation, digging deep into the industry development trend, and wins the love of consumers with innovative marketing strategies and gameplay.

Online, Seeyoung has been launched on Chinese platforms such as Douyin, Xiaohongshu, Weibo, WeChat, Zhihu, Taobao, etc. Through the joint voice of the head, waist, and tail KOL, it can accurately reach consumers and realize all-around user operations, penetrating its brand concept into the minds of users. It has also formed strategic cooperation with China’s leading e-commerce platforms such as Tmall, JD, and Vipshop, and other Chinese interest e-commerce companies such as Douyin and Kwai to use diverse and interesting gameplay for marketing communications.

Offline, Seeyoung has strong exposure in major first-tier cities in China, attracting public attention for the first time, and while increasing the popularity of the product, it has occupied the minds of users for a long time. Up to now, Seeyoung has deployed more than 25,000 offline outlets in China, covering multiple channels such as Watsons, Carrefour, Walmart, etc., and has increased its efforts in new retail terminals such as Sanfu, KK hall and 7-Eleven to create a new retail mode integrating online and offline.

It is worth mentioning that during the pre-sale period of Double 11 in 2021 alone, 100,000 sets of Seeyoung Ginger Hair Shampoo were sold out in the live broadcast room of China’s top anchor Li Jiaqi, with sales reaching RMB 7 million+ ( over $1,045,100). Seeyoung soapberry shampoo continued to be included in the Tmall list of “non-silicone shampoo” hot-selling list and the top 3 in the praise list, and the monthly sales of this series of products in its Tmall flagship store reached 50,000+; The annual exposure of Seeyoung brand reached 1 billion+, and it occupied the top list of keywords such as preventing baldness, ginger shampoo, non-silicone shampoo…


① No. 1 Non-Silicone Personal Care Brand in China: the data source comes from oIBP. In the Chinese Mainland market, according to the retail channel sales in 2020, silicone free scalp care products refer to the washing and care products without silicone oil. The research was completed in January 2021.

② No. 1 Non-Silicone Scalp Care Brand in China: the data source comes from oIBP. In the Chinese Mainland market, according to the sales volume of retail channels in 2021, silicone-free scalp care products refer to scalp cleaning, scalp care, and other care products without silicone oil, including shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, essential oil, etc. the research was completed in May 2022.



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