Sister Brand of Winona, AOXMED

Recently, the official website of AOXMED, a high-end anti-aging brand of BTN, was officially launched. The brand is targeted itself as “only for professional beauty”. The launch of AOXMED means that BTN has officially entered the high-end anti-aging aesthetic medical market. Its multi-brand matrix has been further improved.

According to CHAILEED, in BTN’s 2021 financial report, the company’s revenue in 2021 was $595 million, an increase of 52.57% year-on-year, of which the performance mainly comes from the main brand Winona. This single brand achieved revenue of $582 million, accounting for more than 98% of the company’s revenue. In addition to AOXMED, BTN’s brands include the leading brand for sensitive skin, Winona, and the baby care brand Winona Baby, which can be seen as a clear difference between AOXMED and its original brand. According to the 2021 annual data from the Tmall channel, in the cosmetics category, the retail sales of the anti-aging market reached $12.86 billion an increase of 11% year-on-year with a unit price of $33.8 and a year-on-year growth rate of 21%. Its size is second only to moisturizing ahead of repair and whitening markets. The prevailing view in the industry is that the overall consumption scale of anti-aging cosmetics in China will exceed $14.78 billion.

According to Data insider, the GMV of group’s main brand Winona in Chinese 618 Shopping Festival reached $66.51 million reaching double-digit growth year-on-year and ranking Top 7 in the Tmall beauty category. Its iconic single product Natural Skin Care achieved single product sales of over $14.78 million during the Chinese 618 Shopping Festival. The company has also recently invested in the Chinese makeup brand FUNNY ELVES to lay out the makeup track. It is expected that AOXMED will become another star product of BTN after its launch to further improve the company’s product matrix and enhance its growth momentum.

In contrast to China’s leading cosmetic companies, the multi-brand matrix seems to be traceable. The hyaluronic acid giant Bloomage Biotech has four main brands, namely Biohyalux, Quadha, Medrepair and Bio-Meso. These four brands have different focus: Biohyalux digging deeper into the efficacy of hyaluronic acid, Quadha focusing on anti-aging, Medrepair focusing on sensitive skin repair, and Bio-Meso highlighting the power of technology. Focusing on collagen skincare group Giant Bio also has two ace skincare brands, Kefumei and Collgene with Collgene focusing on anti-aging and Kefumei focusing on skin repair and maintenance. These two brands are the third and fourth best-selling brands in China’s professional skincare products industry in 2021 contributing 90% of Giant Bio’s revenue. Thus, the Group’s multi-brand matrix strategy is the way to go.

It is reported that the main products of the AOXMED brand are skincare + drinks, which are mainly divided into three series: Rejuve Revitalizer, MeiYan and ACID DRINK. Now it has been on line skincare + drink series, of which Rejuve Revitalizer series for skin care products, including 8 sku. ACID DRINK series for beverage products, currently on line GABAPORIA COCOSγ-AMINOBUTYRIC ACID DRINK and ROSA ROXBURGHII POMEGRANATE DRINK. Mei Yan series products will soon be on line.

In the channel, AOXMED said the brand will be the breakthrough of high-end medical institutions in the offline channel. Minsheng Securities related research report said, according to BTN company performance meeting, this year, AOXMED is expected to be placed into 400-500 terminal medical beauty institutions in South China and North China.

After the launch of the AOXMED, BTN Group brand matrix further improves the mass line to Winona as the core brand leading Winona baby, Zirun, Doudoukang for synergistic development. Its high-end line after Beauty Answers added another member with gradually growth. In addition, after the main brand Winona launched a series of anti-aging products, the company set up another brand to focus on the high-end anti-aging market. It indicates its determination to further enter the high-barrier anti-aging track in the skin care industry.


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