Special Stores of 37 Cosmetic Ranked Top in Sales in Intime Department Store in China

In 2021, special stores of 37 cosmetic leading brands such as LA MER, HR, CPB and others ranked top in sales in Intime Department Store in China. Among them, Dior, Armani, Decorte and other brands are the first time to win the first place in Intime Department Store.

On January 21, Intime Department Store released the list of the first store in China. The data shows that special stores of 37 cosmetic leading brands such as LA MER, HR, CPB and others ranked top in sales in Intime Department Store in China. Among them, brands such as Dior, Armani and Decorte are the first time to take the first place in Intime Department Store.

Compared with last year, the number of the first store in China has increased by 20% in 2021 and the store coverage become wider. For those well-known brands, offline stores are a powerful channel for brand concepts to be presented in full. The cascading effect and brand loyalty created by users at offline stores areon much higher than other platforms.

Taking Chinese high-end cosmetics brand MGP as an example, Intime Department Store invites Mao Geping to hold more than two large-scale roadshows in the mall every year, which turns the mall into a showground where Mao Geping’s products, makeup and aesthetics are presented. Today, MGP, which opened its store in 2005, has been the “first store in China” in Intime Department Store for four consecutive years. Its repurchase rate in its special stores achieved more than 50%. MGP sales have increased by 40% compared to last year in 2021.

The offline mall’s unique service capabilities have also become a major reason for high-end cosmetic brands to focus their operations in Intime. Since 2020, Intime Department Store has attracted brands such as Chanel, Dior and Estee Lauder to open nearly 70 beauty workshops in Intime Department Store one after another.

As Ma Xiaoyu, Vice President and General Manager of L’Oreal China’s Premium Cosmetics Division, said, the base of high-end beauty brands is always offline.

Intime Department Store is an Internet department store based on cloud architecture. It ranked at the forefront of China’s department store retail industry. Through the pandemic in 2020, Intime Department Store achieved counter-trend growth with 13 brands ranking first in the world in terms of sales performance. For example, Intime Department Store’s Wulin store’s LA MER special store grew 200% on Intime Department Store’s new retail platform “Miao Street”. 4,600 new online users joined in, which was hailed as the “No. 1 counter in the world”.



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