THAI HO: Efficacy Color Cosmetics Will Become Popular

In the future anti-aging market, consumers will gradually prefer orally taken and external applications.

THAI HO Group is one of the world’s leading international cosmetic manufacturing groups with more than 40 years of experience in R&D and manufacturing in the cosmetics industry. Currently, its partner brands include L’Oreal, LVMH, Shiseido, Proya, Perfect Diary, etc. CHAILEEDO invited Guo Xiangying, co-founder of THAI HO Group, to talk about the future trends of cosmetics in China.

She predicted that the trend of the cosmetic industry next year is slowly moving towards Dameiye (Beauty industry integration plan). This means that in addition to cosmetics, the overall solution of orally taken and external application will also be valued by the industry.

Guo Xiangying said that it has become a general consensus that cosmetics cannot slow down the aging process. Therefore, in the future, consumers’ expectations and perceptions of enhancing facial value and retaining youth will gradually tend to be orally taken and external application.

In addition, natural and efficacy Chinese herbs are also a trend. In Ta-pieh Mountain, an important area for Chinese herbs, THAI HO has set up a raw material extraction plant, a cosmetic plant, a pharmaceutical plant for related medical devices, and a special medical food plant.

It is worth noting that Guo Xiangying was the one who judged that next year the efficacy makeup will become a popular trend.

Since makeup has only a finishing effect, skincare can only be done after removing makeup. And if makeup also has a role in skincare, then it can be done both during the day and at night.

In the past, without the constraints of regulations, perhaps many people treat efficacy makeup as a gimmick to tell stories. But now, cosmetics promoting efficacy must have an efficacy evaluation report, including color cosmetics. Therefore, she thought that the era of “efficacy makeup” would come, and THAI HO is now advancing towards efficacy.

But for the efficacy cosmetics, she also said several points that must be considered.

The first thing to consider is what kind of product efficacy is the most accurate way to do its scientific proof. At present, there are various methods of evaluating cosmetic efficacy claims. The highest level is the human efficacy assessment, but the cost is so high that there are not many cosmetic products that choose to do this assessment.

Second, many of the efficacious activators in cosmetic formulations today are plant extracts. The key effective element of a plant extract addition depends on its activity. Among them, is the addition of 5 thousandths of plant extracts, if there is no active substance or only a trace of activity, then its effectiveness will be relatively low. So, in the competition of brands, that have more exclusive raw materials with high activity, the barriers that can be built up will be higher. This is also the breakthrough point of whether the brand will be able to fight its own way in the efficacy skincare section in the future.

On September 22, the 5th Conference on China’s Cosmetics Trends will be held in Hangzhou, China. CHAILEEDO will be live streaming the entire event, register now to book a live stream:




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