The Leader of Amore Pacific China has Changed

Amore Pacific announced that Charles Kao will step down as president of Amore Pacific China and will continue to serve as a consultant to the company until December 31 to assist the new president in managing the company’s business in China.

Amore Pacific announced on Jan. 25 that Charles Kao will step down as president of Amore Pacific China on Feb. 1 and Mike Hwang, formerly vice president of Amore Pacific China, will take over as president. Kao will continue to serve as an advisor to the company until Dec. 31, 2022, to support Hwang in managing the company’s business in China.

Since joining Amore Pacific in October 2013, Kao has reportedly been at the helm of the China team working for companies such as P&G and Estee Lauder. In the past eight years, through continuous changes and breakthroughs, he has opened the door for Amore Pacific’s business development in China and enabled Amore Pacific to achieve comprehensive, stable and healthy growth in the Chinese market.

In terms of business development, Kao has enhanced the awareness and penetration of Amore Pacific and its brands in various market by strengthening brands and expanding channels. He completed the construction of omnichannel both online and offline.

Data show that by strengthening cooperation with digital platforms, the Group achieved a high growth rate of 50% in online channels in 2020, of which, China e-commerce sales grew by over 90% and several brands under the Group performed brightly in Chinese shopping campaign on June 18 and November 11. Sulwhasoo stepped into the billion yuan (RMB) club in Double 11(Chinese Shopping Carnival) in 2020. Its financial results of Q3 in 2021 show that Sulwhasoo continued its rapid growth in China with a growth rate of over 50% by the introduction of high-end products and further product portfolio optimization.

As the importance of the China’s market continues to be highlighted in the overseas business, Kao has further consolidated the localized layout of the organizational structure and improved the efficiency of collaboration within the organization to ensure efficient local integration of R&D, production, logistics, sales, marketing and various support departments.

In addition to actively developing the company’s business territory, Kao also continues to promote the company and its brands in various public welfare undertakings, helping the company to establish a warm and responsible corporate citizenship image. He has directly led and participated in public welfare projects in the fields of women’s health and empowerment, preservation of “non-foreign heritage”, natural ecology and mental health of college students, and led the company to make donations to Wuhan against the pandemic and floods in Henan Province.

In addition, during his eight years in office, Amore Pacific’s low-carbon and sustainable development strategy in China have also been effective. 61% of the company’s new products are environmentally and socially friendly in 2020 and the group’s factory in Shanghai has been upgraded to the “Amore Shanghai Beauty Park”, which integrates production, R&D and logistics.



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