Why Jeffree Star’s First Review is Florasis after His Suspend for 8 Months

Jeffree Star, an American top-level beauty blogger with more than 10 million followers on Youtube, has released her first cosmetics review video of 2022 after an 8-month hiatus. This time’s review is the Chinese makeup brand Florasis.

Recently, the sharp-tongued American top-stream beauty blogger Jeffree Star with more than 10 million fans on Youtube posted his first beauty review video of 2022. It is also known that it’s also his first update after a long gap of eight months. The surprise for Chinese followers is that Jeffree reviewed the Chinese makeup brand Florasis.

The title of the review directly used the praise of “the world’s most beautiful makeup” and the 25-minute review video showed all the product experiences. The product finally made him fall in love with the perfect evaluation is the Florasis’s highlighter, powder and Love Lock lipstick, while the eyeshadow was considered very beautiful but not enough color and the blush evaluation was relatively bland.

Although not every product is recognized and praised but harvesting such recognition from the world’s top beauty bloggers is already a rare “achievement” for Chinese cosmetics brands. Many netizens have speculated that “enough money from Florasis?”

The people from Florasis said clearly, we did not spend any money on this promotion, “this is not really a matter of spending money to solve”. The story is the same as what Jeffree said in the video. The review of the product came from the fact that he found the Chinese brand on social media platforms and became curious about it. So he took the initiative to contact the brand to get the product. Florasis sent him a full set of products such as eye shadow, highlighter, powder, lipstick, blush, lip mask, etc., and has not received a response for several months since then.

They didn’t expect Jeffree’s first review in 2022 would be a Chinese brand.

It is reported that after the release of Jeffree Star video, the traffic on the overseas website of Florasis was directly pulled to the level of Black Friday. The sales of Love Lock lipsticks and other products certified by Jeffree rose the most.

It is understood that the overseas official website of Florasis in May 2021 and successively delivered to Japan, the United States, Europe and others. So far, Florasis is available in 43 countries and regions, of which the United States, Australia, Europe is its main market.

Taking the Love Lock lipstick highly appreciated by Jeffree Star as an example, he expressed his high sense of surprise about the appearance design and carved balm of Love Lock lipstick: “Only Chinese skills can do it!” This product also entered the top three of the Japanese Amazon lipstick sales list on the first day it was launched overseas and it became an “overseas hot-selling” on Black Friday 2021 selling out of stock for a while.

Another product recognized by Jeffree Star, Florasis Air Powder, was well-received for its “airy powder”. In order to create a high-quality national powder, Florasis searched for the world’s top raw materials and techniques from Italy, Japan and other places regardless of the cost budget. It invested a lot of workforces and financial resources to develop an exclusive patented flower oil-control formula creating a product that is comparable to the highest quality in the world.



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