TikTok China Will Regulate Such Beauty Products

TikTok China’s beauty market will become more and more standardized.

Recently, the TikTok China e-commerce learning center issued a Special Treatment Announcement on Beauty Category’s Confusing Information Behavior. The TikTok China platform will carry out special treatment for the beauty category from September 30.

The announcement shows that recently, the platform found through investigation that some merchants/creators have released confusing information, seriously disrupting the normal business order of the platform. Confusing scenarios include: sharing/publishing goods using other brands’ graphic variations or brand deformation words/derivatives, or the products are identical or similar to other brands’ product names, packaging, and decorations, confusing consumers.

The announcement gave violation examples of “Armani”, “Whoo”, and “YSL”, which included logos and product appearances similar to those of the famous beauty brands cited, most of which the products are highly similar to the authentic packaging.

It is worth mentioning that the treatment object includes the commodity dimension and the creator dimension, which means that both the goods sold and the products featured are part of the treatment. Among them, those with minor mistakes will be restricted from promoting marketing activities. The general mistakes (the more serious degree or many related products), the relevant goods will be blocked. If the product is refunded or reported by a large number of consumers, the store will be cleared up and all deposits will be deducted.

In April this year, TikTok China e-commerce issued a special treatment announcement on “confusing information” behavior, expressed that it would launch special management of “confusing information” and has issued special treatment announcements for alcohol, clothing, shoes, and jewelry.

For the beauty category, in August 2020, TikTok China issued a notice to strengthen the content control of the beauty and personal care category. Last December, TikTok China e-commerce issued again a special governance announcement that said that for a large number of sales of low-cost low-quality products disrupt the healthy ecology of the platform, it will introduce special measures to make key monitoring and suppression.

TikTok China has already become a major growth pole for beauty brands. According to the Cosmetics market investigation released by Sinolink Securities, the GMV of cosmetics e-commerce reached 116.7 billion yuan ($16.315 billion) in the first quarter of 2022, up 8% year-on-year. Among them, the beauty GMV of the TikTok China platform was 9.6 billion yuan ($1.342 billion), up 164% year-on-year, with the growth rate at the top of the head e-commerce platform and accounting for 23% of the overall GMV online.

Previously, an industry veteran said that regulation is all about chasing clouts. The management of the beauty category in recent years has also confirmed the prosperity of this market.

For the platform, the merchants take advantage of the loopholes of policies to obtain benefits to damage the platform’s image. The release of the rectification announcement is also a final wake-up call to those who falsify and speculate on the part of the business. In addition, TikTok China is gradually increasing its focus on e-commerce channels, its beauty market will also be more and more standardized.




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