What is 5D Hyaluronic Acid of QuadHA ? Why Consumers Chose QuadHA Instead of La Mer?

QuadHA enjoys all of the technology that other brands have but the technology of 5D Hyaluronic Acid is unique to QuadHA.

QuadHA is a high-end hospital brand of Huaxi Bio, which is dedicated to “Age Frozen – Anti-Aging”. As the self-brand of Huaxi Bio, the world’s largest hyaluronic acid manufacturer and sales company, QuadHA naturally adheres to its strong advantages in the field of hyaluronic acid.

QuadHA has gathered the core of Huaxi Bio’s cutting-edge technology and infused the best ingredients into the brand without reservation due to its positioning. QuadHA enjoys all of the technology that other brands have but the technology of 5D Hyaluronic Acid is unique to QuadHA. The technology is used in the whole line of QuadHA products, including cleanser, mask, toner, essence, cream and eye cream.” Among the current Chinese beauty trend, the vast majority of them are the route of affordable alternative or affordable flow, while QuadHA, supported by Hua Xi’s powerful technology, has cut its teeth with 5D hyaluronic acid, so we can say that the brand has been on par with the world’s biggest brands since its birth.” Guo Xueping, the chief scientist of Huaxi Bio, was introduced.

“Among the current Chinese beauty trend, the vast majority of them are the affordable or alternative route. While QuadHA, supported by the powerful technology of Huaxi Bio, boasts high-end products of 5D hyaluronic acid. We can say it seeks to be on par with the giant international brand since its birth.” Guo Xueping, the chief scientist of Huaxi Bio, said.

In March 2020, one of the sub-disposable essences of QuadHA was launched in the live stream of Li Jiaqi. More than 12,000 boxes of the products were sold out in just 2 seconds. 20 days later, another 5D hyaluronic acid spray from QuadHA was again launched in Li Jiaqi’s live stream and it also made rush buying from the audience in the live stream and was sold out in 2 seconds.

The e-commerce live stream gradually turned to be trendy in Chinese. As a top live streamer, Li Jiaqi has huge traffic and considerable instant income, most brands have a strong willingness and have come up with huge discounts and sincerity to promote the brand in his life. But a team of Li Jiaqi has a very strict selection of products, quality, and reputation are the necessary conditions to be able to “appear” in Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast. Therefore, the products can be stood up to the test of customers is the most important factor to be on the live broadcast of Li Jiaqi

QuadHA’s parent company, Huaxi Bio, has been researching the field of hyaluronic acid for 20 years with a global market share of over 40% and a Chinese market share of over 70%. Its raw materials and products are sold to more than 40 countries and regions, including the United States, the European Union, Korea, Japan, Russia, and the Middle East. The strong R&D team, including Guo Xueping, “the father of hyaluronic acid in China” and “the founder of hyaluronic acid fermentation technology”, has injected the inherent competitiveness of QuadHA’s products.

The “5D” of QuadHAproducts represents the highest technology in the field of hyaluronic acid. Its products use a biological enzymatic cutting methods to make highly active ultra-micro-molecule hyaluronic acid. The molecular weight can reach 3000 DA, which can directly penetrate into the muscle base. At the same time, it adopts 5 different efficacy hyaluronic acid compounding plant moisturizers, the storage capacity of the main ingredients is more than 6 times of the ordinary preparation group. It has the functions of after-sun repair, anti-photo-aging, and deep anti-oxidation and its unique 5D hyaluronic acid group structure have the functions of water locking, water storage, slow release input, isolation and protection, and the function of anti-oxidation and anti-inflammation at the bottom of the muscle.

After the promotional campaign on June 18th 2020, the sale of the first half of the year has come to a close. The sales of QuadHA in the first half of the year were a “pole vault” compared to the same period last year, with sales of nearly $7.725 million from March to May 2020.

However, “QuadHA’s ambition” does not only stop here. The debut of QuadHACT50 Cream in Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast in 2020 was actually the beginning of QuadHA’s cooperation with France’s REVITACARE (Silky) laboratory. This lab was wholly acquired by Huaxi Bio in 2017 and introduced its anti-aging star product Cytocare to China, which has been unanimously welcomed by industry physicians and highly recognized by end consumers.

Cytocare contains 50 precisely proportioned, highly effective nutrients, a technology known as “CT50”. In terms of efficacy, the technology not only fights oxidation, shrinks pores, and brightens skin tone, but also promotes skin rejuvenation and reduces the appearance of sagging and wrinkles caused by aging. “The QuadHACT50 cream is actually just the beginning of the high-end product line of the CT50 series. Next year, we will have more and more products in collaboration with Cytocare Labs with features that will always focus on QuadHA’s positioning of freeze-aging – anti-priming.” QuadHA’s general manager Bi Ran said with her eyes full of vision.

As the rising dark horse of Chinese beauty and skincare in 2020, the revenue of QuadHA in 2020 broke 100 million (break 100 million: break 100 million RMB). Furthermore, its first product series – the 5D Hyaluronic Acid Sub-Parabolic series is also popular among consumers. Among them, one kind of sub-disposable is specially developed for skin with acne-prone skin with annual sales reaching 9.02 million units. The re-purchase rate of Superior Antioxidant Concentrated Essence, which is specially developed for skin after a late night, is 77%, enjoying the gold medal product in the QuadHA sub-dispersion series. In addition to QuadHA’s ace sub-disposal series, multi-category skin care products such as the 5D Hyaluronic Acid Mask, Adore Your Skin For Good 5D-HA and DNA Caviar Cream, and others developed for different skin problems are also very popular among consumers.

Among them, the word “extravagantly added” stands out in QuadHA’s promotional video. “Because we are positioned as a high-end cosmetic brand in China, we put more active ingredients into our products regardless of the cost.” This makes the price of QuadHAa bit high in Chinese cosmetics,” said Bi Ran, general manager of QuadHA. But it is this pricing strategy that has helped QuadHA to gain a loyal group of high-quality users in its first year of existence. “Many of these users usually use international brands like La Mer. But after they tried QuadHA’s products, the repurchase rate was particularly high, which gave us enough confidence.” In fact, sales of QuadHA broke millions in the first year of its founding (break millions: broke RMB 100 million) with a 90 percent repurchase rate.



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