Xiaohongshu Launches “Brand Violation Score” Rectify Illegal Marketing

On April 20, Xiaohongshu officially launched the management rules for brand violations and points will be deducted for illegal marketing behaviours. After deducting points, it will be punished with different degrees of restriction, ban and other phased disposal measures which apply to all brands that have marketing appeals in Xiaohongshu.  

On April 20, Beijing time, Xiaohongshu, a social platform for recommendations in China, launched the “Brand Violation Score” to demerit points for the brand’s illegal marketing behaviour.

This scoring rule applies to all brands that have marketing appeals in Xiaohongshu, including but not limited to brands with certified professional numbers. The platform will continuously monitor the brand’s marketing behaviour in the community, scoring non-compliance behaviour every week. Each violation is scored 2 points, with a maximum cumulative total of 10 points. For different scores, the system will dispose of the brand to different degrees such as prompts, note limits and station bans with the disposal cycle varying from 7 to 28 days.

Some brands may worry about how will the deducted points be restored after being restricted or banned if they want to continue to operate on Xiaohongshu? In response to this problem, Xiaohongshu suggested that brands should actively self-examine and immediately stop illegal marketing behaviour. The deduction is the disposal of the brand’s periodic violations and if the brand wants to restore the score, it needs to maintain no illegal marketing behaviour for 28 days.

The formulation of this rule represents a new moment for Xiaohongshu, which is of great significance and even changes the entire brand’s input gameplay on Xiaohongshu. At the same time, it has also brought great changes to the upcoming “618” (June 18) shopping festival. At least in terms of marketing strategy, every brand has to start all over again under the new rules.

Since Xiaohongshu launched the special governance of “false recommendations” at the end of last year, a total of 81 brands such as Little Dream Garden, Dove, Neutrogena and Nivea have been banned, 172,600 related false recommendation notes and 53,600 illegal accounts have been dealt with. The “Brand Violation Score” is based on the previous stage of governance, using more transparent and visible productization means and continuing to regulate the brand’s marketing behaviour on Xiaohongshu.

The rules for deducting points for illegal brands on Xiaohongshu will undoubtedly crackdown on the phenomenon of brands using platform notes to share falsely in recent years. For Xiaohongshu, only by formulating rules to regulate user behaviour can it achieve long-term development. Brands need to understand the tone of the platform and abide by the rules of the platform when choosing a platform for marketing.


Xiaohongshu is a Chinese recommendation social platform for young people, where users can record life moments, share lifestyles and form interactions based on interests through short videos, graphics and other forms. As of October 2019, the number of monthly active users of Xiaohongshu has exceeded 100 million, of which 70% of users are people born after the 1990s, and the number is continuing to grow rapidly.




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