YSL’s First Perfume Flagship Store Debuted in Shanghai Especially to Extend Chinese Market

YSL returned to China in 2013 and its lipstick products quickly became popular and gained a large number of Chinese fans. On June 1, 2020, YSL opened the world's first perfume-themed flagship store in Shanghai.

In 2008, YSL Beauty was acquired by L’Oréal Group. It returned to the Chinese market in 2013 and is often known as the “King of Out of Stock” and “The Hot-Selling Maker” in China. From ROUGE VOLUPTÉ SHINE LIPSTICK BALM in 2014, ROUGE PUR COUTURE LIPSTICK Star Clash in 2016, to THE SLIM VELVET RADICAL MATTE LIPSTICK now, YSL lipstick products have rapidly become popular in a short time and have gained a large number of Chinese Young fans.

The eight years since YSL beauty entered the Chinese market have coincided with the fastest growing years of China’s high-end cosmetics industry especially in the area of color cosmetics, which is far beyond expectations. Under the tide of high-end beauty consumption, China has become the world’s number one market for the YSL beauty.

Starting from a directly-managed counter in Shanghai in 2013, YSL Beauty has repositioned its market plan in China under the leadership of L’Oréal China. Like many high-end brands, YSL beauty has been operated by third-party agents in the Chinese market for a long time. After acquired by L’Oreal Group in 2008, it was slowly adjusted from agency to direct operation.

The year from 2013 to 2017 was the period when YSL beauty improved its offline counters and accumulated its reputation in the Chinese market. The act of opening its store in Tmall is the full-scale attack of the Saint Laurent to the Chinese market in April 2018.

On April 16, 2018, the occasion of Saint Laurent’s entry into Tmall which also is the day of Super Brand Day, YSL beauty took less than half a day to surpass the previous record holder Givenchy, breaking $4.656 million without affecting the availability of goods at offline department stores in China. Obviously, the time YSL beauty really started to popular in China precisely is from the beginning of its return to the Chinese market in the past eight years.

Driven by the star products, the popularity of YSL beauty is soaring and the performance is climbing. In 2018, sales of YSL in China exceeded $155 million. The key reason that YSL beauty can continue to “harvest” Chinese young people is the sensitive grasp of Chinese consumers’ needs. “YSL is very concerned about young Chinese consumers, trying to understand what young people are thinking and anticipate their needs and preferences in order to provide products that better meet their needs.” Xavier DUBRU, Global Deputy General Manager of YSL Saint Laurent Beauty, has emphasized.

In 2019, YSL Beauty, which inherits the rebellious, stylish and elegant style of Yves Saint Laurent and the brand, opened one of the world’s largest flagship stores in Guangzhou, China under the leadership of L’Oréal Group.

The largest flagship store of YSL Beauty in the world was settled in Guangzhou, China. It not only connects with China’s most cutting-edge consumers, but more importantly redefines the new beauty makeup retail. As the world’s largest flagship store of the “phenomenal” makeup brand, YSL Beauty continues to redefine new retail with the world’s popular technology and overturn the traditional perception and model of the beauty industry, based on the integration of the brand’s cultural genes.

Although YSL beauty has mostly faced consumers with the image of a makeup brand during the eight years it has been in the Chinese market, from the perspective of the brand strategy, in addition to lipstick, eye and primer products, YSL will also promote the development of skin care and perfume categories in the Chinese market.

In fact, in the past few years, YSL Beauty has not left behind the skincare and fragrance categories along with the launch of new makeup products. For instance, YSL Pure Color Lip Glaze was released with Y SHAPE Forever Youth Liberator Cleanser and YSL MANIFESTO LELIXIR Perfume for Women at the New Product Preview in January 2015. Just a month before the launch of Star Clash Lipstick and Lumiere Divine, YSL also released Black Opium Perfume White Night Edition.

In mid-January 2020, YSL launched its new fragrance product “SOUNDS OF FREEDOM” in the Chinese market. With zero promotional budget, its sales performance on the Tmall platform during the pandemic quickly rose to No. 1 in the perfume category.

On June 1, 2020, YSL Beauty opened the world’s first fragrance-themed flagship store in Shanghai with 50% of the store’s SKUs being fragrance products. The 87-square-meter YSL fragrance-themed store is next to the first standalone beauty boutique opened by Tom Ford, a high-end beauty brand of Estee Lauder Group in late 2018. It showed a strong sense of competition. YSL also debuted in the store a limited edition of 50 bottles of YSL High Definition Collection perfume – YSL YSL Paris Eau De Parfum Flower God Collection Edition, which is only available in China.



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