A Well-known Live Streamer of China’s Short Video Platform Kwai Accused of False Propaganda

A few days ago, a laundry detergent sold by Zhao Mengche, a well-known live streamer of Kwai, in the live broadcast room, was suspected of false publicity and a certain consumer reported: “It gives me the feeling of water. When I looked at the product carefully, I found that the back label of the product is printed with corporate standards, but the streamer strongly recommended in the live broadcast room that the detergent is in accordance with national standards. ”

On March 11 (Beijing time), Zhao Mengche, the head anchor of China’s short video platform Kwai, sold a laundry detergent called “Liquid Detergent” during the live broadcast. The Detergent is priced at $10.98 with 4 barrels and 10 bags for a total of 26 pounds, plus free shipping.

When he was selling through live streams, Zhao Mengche said the laundry detergent is the national standard laundry detergent. However, when consumers receive laundry detergent, they find that the laundry detergent looks as transparent as water, and it is difficult to wash clean clothes when used.

After investigation, it was found that the outer packaging of the laundry detergent showed that the manufacturer was Zhejiang Zhuzhiyu Biotechnology Co., Ltd., and the implementation standard was Q/ZZY 04 (enterprise standard). The relevant person of the laundry detergent production plant said that the total active content of the standard laundry detergent produced by the enterprise is about 7 per cent, so it’s cheaper for enterprise standard. ”

Public information shows that the standard of China’s laundry detergent is divided into national standards and enterprise standards, which are defined by the active substance content, the active substance reaches 15% is the national standard, and the active substance is less than 15% is the enterprise standard. In general, the higher the total active content of the laundry detergent, the stronger the decontamination ability.

The laundry detergent is sold at Yanwu’s flagship store on Taobao, a mainstream e-commerce platform in China, but after the incident, the merchant removed the laundry detergent. At present, there are thirteen SKUs in the flagship store of Yanwu with the categories including laundry gel beads, aromatherapy, mite removal detergent and etc.

Then, on March 31 (Beijing time), Zhao Mengche responded in the live broadcast room, “The laundry detergent received by someone in the last live broadcast was the enterprise standard code, but each of its active substances in the detergent reached the national standard and this time it was all in accordance with the national standard ”

It is reported that Zhao Mengche has more than 20 million followers on the Kwai platform and is one of the most popular live streamers of Kwai. Mr. Zhao is also an apprentice of Xin Ba, who is known as the first person in Kwai E-commerce, the China’s most attractive e-commerce platform, with more than 96.78 million fans on the Kwai platform. At the end of 2020, Xin Ba was widely questioned for the sale of Edible Bird’s Nest during live broadcasts and was punished by China’s Guangdong Administration for Market Regulation and other departments. In addition, Xin Ba’s account on was banned for 60 days.

As of 11 am on April 8 (Beijing time), the topic of Xinba’s apprentice Zhao Mengche being accused of false propaganda was read by 8.59 million more times on Weibo, a Chinese social platform. The incident was first reported by the Mainstream Chinese media Nanfang Daily. At present, the media deleted relevant reports of this incident without explaining any reason.

It is worth mentioning that on March 30 (Beijing time) the Cyberspace Administration of China, State Taxation Administration, and State Administration for Market Regulation jointly formulated the “Opinions on Further Regulating the Profit-Making Behavior of Online Live Broadcasting and Promoting the Healthy Development of the Industry”. The Opinions put forward 10 regulatory contents for China’s live broadcasting industry from the four directions of implementing the main responsibility of management, standardizing marketing behaviours as well as tax management and improving regulatory synergy.

This means that issues such as inadequate management and irregular commercial marketing in China’s live broadcasting industry will be effectively mastered.



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