The Chinese Personal Care Brand Frog Prince Donated Pandemic Prevention Materials to Zhangzhou

On April 2, Frog Prince Group, together with the Zhangzhou Federation of Industry & Commerce (General Chamber of Commerce), donated a batch of anti-pandemic materials such as wash-free hand sanitizers for sterilization and bacteriostasis to the Zhangzhou Municipal Health Commission. Frog Prince Group sent Condolences to the frontline medical staff of Zhangzhou pandemic prevention and paid tribute to the staff who continue to fight in the frontline against the pandemic.

Since March 2022, Zhangzhou has gone through an unprecedented severe pandemic. As a local enterprise in Zhangzhou, Frog Prince Group not only actively participated in prevention and control, stepped up production, and successively donated protective materials to front-line people but also actively responded to various calls, bravely assumes social responsibility, dedicated love, and helped prevent and control the pandemic.

According to the official website of Frog Prince Group, its headquarters is located in Zhangzhou, Fujian Province, which is a comprehensive personal care group company integrating R&D, production, and marketing. The products mainly cover four age groups: pregnant, infant, child, and adult. The group advocates the concept of “age-sharing care is more professional”. The group’s main business is divided into four sectors: pregnancy care, baby care, child care, and oral care.

Frog Prince is a well-known domestic brand in China’s children’s care products industry, focusing on baby and child care for 23 years, with rich product development experience and strong scientific research strength in the field of infant care as well as nearly 100 invention patents. It has successively won the first “China Children’s Cosmetics Standardization Research Base”, the national high-tech enterprise, the Fujian Provincial Enterprise Technology Center and etc. It participates in the formulation of several national/group standards for baby and child products, cooperates with thousands of supermarkets, and has stable offline sales channels covering 22 provinces, 5 autonomous regions, and 4 municipalities in China.

The Frog Prince was created by Li Zhenhui. In 1994, Li Zhenhui resigned from a state-owned enterprise in Zhangzhou and decided to go overseas for business. After that, Li Zhenhui shifted his focus to the children’s field and devoted himself to making children’s skincare products. Thus, the Frog Prince was born.

To improve the popularity of the Frog Prince, Li Zhenhui has invested in the production of the “Frog Prince” animation series trilogy in the past 8 years which has been broadcast on the CCTV Children’s Channel and more than 100 local TV stations across the country.

Under the leadership of Li Zhenhui, the Frog Prince has made great achievements. Within a few years, Frog Prince had developed into the first brand of children’s body lotion and the second brand of children’s shower gel and shampoo in China at that time.

In July 2011, Frog Prince was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. In 2012, the company’s revenue was $247 million, an increase of 23.87% year-on-year.

In the second half of 2013, Frog Prince had a market capitalization of more than $766 million. However, according to the short-selling report issued by the short-selling agency of the country, the actual sales of the Frog Prince were less than the 25% claimed by the company. Later on, the stock price of the Frog Prince plummeted and the company’s market value changed from the previous $766 million to only $12.76 million within five years.

After that, the products of the Frog Prince were frequently commented on by the government with various product violations being exposed. In September 2016, Frog Prince Sunscreen was named by the National Medical Products Administration because the sunscreen ingredients detected by the product did not match the product approval and labeling ingredients.

In July 2018, Frog Prince was criticized again for unqualified product sampling. In the notice issued by the National Medical Products Administration on the unqualified 10 batches of cosmetics, the product named “Frog Prince Sunscreen Lotion (Refreshing Type) SPF20” is restricted by the date of September 8, 2020, with the shelf life of being 2 years. While the inferred production date is September 9, 2018, which is inconsistent with reality.

In recent years, Frog Prince Group has increased its investment in public welfare undertakings, donating $160,000 of bacteriostatic and protective materials to support flood prevention and disaster relief in Henan in 2021. And it donated pandemic prevention materials to Mudanjiang and Zhangzhou during the outbreak of the pandemic in China.

In addition, Frog Prince is constantly seeking new directions in terms of product development and marketing. In August 2020, Frog Prince and Mount Wuyi jointly created camellia oil for baby and child care series products. In March 2021, Frog Prince and Fuzhou University jointly established a baby and child skincare product research base.

In February 2022, Frog Prince launched a new series of products-Frog Prince & Ultraman Joint Series, and Frog Prince & ULTRAMAN Series, opening a new chapter for the domestic brand IP market. At present, the highest-selling item of this series in Frog Prince’s flagship store on the Taobao platform is the “Baby Fresh Cleansing Hair & Body Wash”, which costs $5 to $17 and sold 2000 plus more units per month.



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