Chinese Recombinant Collagen Company Closes Series B Funding Round

Today (September 26), jland Biotech announced the completion of its Series B financing, led by Cenova Capital and co-invested by Evonik Industries AG, the German specialty chemicals company, through its venture capital division (referred to as Evonik below). The specific amount has not been disclosed.

It is reported that jland Biotech, established in 2015, is the first domestic high-tech enterprise to use Pichia pastoris to synthesize recombinant collagen. In February 2023, jland Biotech’s recombinant collagen factory in Zhuji, Zhejiang successfully completed trial production. After mass production, it will be able to produce 20 tons of recombinant collagen per year, equivalent to 5,000 tons of recombinant collagen solution.

Jland Biotech stated that this round of financing will be used to enhance its technological innovation research and development capabilities, improve domestic and international market layout, and build intelligent factories. It aims to drive the development of more cutting-edge technologies and core products in the field of recombinant collagen, expand the application space in cosmetics, medical devices, and other fields, and lead the long-term sustainable development of the recombinant collagen industry.

Chang Liang, Chairman of jland Biotech, said, “The strong partnership with Cenova Capital and Evonik will inject new momentum into the expansion of jland Biotech’s recombinant collagen industry chain, innovatively construct a new industry ecosystem, promote the development of greener, safer, and sustainable recombinant collagen products, empower the global recombinant collagen market, and open a new chapter in the innovative development of us.”

Zhang Chunyan, Managing Director of Cenova Capital, said, “As one of the global leaders in recombinant functional proteins, jland has built and put into production the largest-scale recombinant collagen raw material base in the industry. Through this collaboration, we highly recognize the team’s successful experience in synthetic biological industrialization and international commercialization over the past 20 years. We also look forward to the company bringing more high-quality and cost-effective recombinant functional protein products to the global market, contributing to global green and low-carbon development.”

Cao Erning, Investment Director of Evonik’s venture capital division, stated, “The cooperation with jland Biotech will expand Evonik’s business in the cosmetics and personal care product field and strengthen our innovation ecosystem in China. Through this investment, we will promote the application of recombinant collagen in more markets.”



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