Dove, Nivea and 29 Other Brands Banned by Xiao Hong Shu

It is reported that Xiao Hong Shu launched a new special campaign of “fake marketing” and 29 well-known brands were banned in the first batch including Dove, Nivea, Neutrogena, wonderlab, Little Dream Garden and Bodcrme.

It is reported that the governance will be further expanded to cover the entire upstream and downstream of “ghostwriting” gray chain compared to the previous special campaign.

At the moment, when we search key words such as Dove, the content of the relevant notes can not be displayed and the resulting page only appears the notice: “the brand is suspected of fake marketing so related content will not be displayed” .

Xiao Hong Shu has been liked by many brands because of its strong promotion to users. The brands seek to find a large number of people without reputation in the way of product replacement or cash through external intermediaries or platforms. And the brands ask the people to post fake marketing in Xiao Hong Shu. Thus a gray industry chain of fake marketing is formed.

Since 2019, Xiao Hong Shu has set up a professional team to implement several special campaign of fake marketing including the “Woodpecker Plan” to combat low and poor content, fake promotion notes and accounts. Through cross-platform reporting by WeChat, Baidu Tieba, Douban, Taobao, more than 1.6 million recruitment links of this gray chain have been taken down or blocked.

“If the demand for brand’s ‘ghostwriters’ can’t be cut off , this gray chain will continue to exist and continue to grow. It is band-aid at best by only managing the fake content and accounts in the platform.” The person in charge of the special campaign of “fake marketing” of Xiao Hong Shu said.

A well-known lawyer believes that the industry chain of fake marketing also has a supply and demand relationship. The order taker is catering to the brand’s demand in upstream. The upstream demand should be cut off to completely govern the gray industry chain. Fake marketing on the one hand violates the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests and infringes on the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. On the other hand, there is unfair competition to peers, which  violates “Anti-unfair Competition Law of the People’s Republic of China”.



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