Kwai Allowed Operation of Imported Cosmetics

Recently, Kwai E-commerce issued a new announcement of the “Rules of Operation on Kwai Imported E-commerce”.

In terms of admission, the main body of the merchant need to have registered company entity overseas or China Hong Kong, China Macau, China Taiwan with qualification on overseas retail or trade, have a entity that bears joint and several responsibility within mainland China, i.e., a domestic agent and have a corporate account overseas or China Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan .

In addition, the announcement also mentioned that priority will be given to recruiting brand owners, brand agents, and well-known brands that have not entered the Chinese market from overseas and China Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and e-commerce teams with experience in cross-border e-commerce operations. This means that Kwai further liberalize and encourage the entry of overseas brands. Overseas beauty into the Chinese market ushered in the opportunity.

In the term of qualifications, the main qualification of the resident merchant (overseas) should contains: registration documents, authorized representative statement, authorized representative identity document and overseas responsible subject (joint and several responsible subjects) need to provide business license, overseas enterprises and domestic agent enterprise entrusted cooperation statement, legal person documents. Brand qualifications need to include brand trademark registration certificate, brand authorization certificate.

At the same time, distribution of Kwai implemented the targeted invitation system to Kwai imported stores.

In the term of commodity requirements, it is required that the sale of goods prohibited for sale under national regulations are prohibited. Merchants should comply with requirements that the cross-border e-commerce model imported products shall not be sold twice. Goods classified as illegal or restricted in the jurisdiction to which the goods belong, or goods used to participate in illegal or restricted activities and goods prohibited from entering or leaving the country, are prohibited for sale on the platform. In addition, it should also comply with the “Release Rules of Kwai Import E-Commerce Commodity”.

In the term of marketing and promotion, it should be followed the relevant marketing regulations of the ” General Rules of Kwai Imported E-Commerce Platform”. Moreover, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, the influencer shall not encourage or induce users to resell cross-border imported goods and shall not facilitate secondary sales.It should be complied with the basic requirements of the “Management Code of Kwai Community Live Streaming” “Code of Kwai Community User Profile” “Cover Code of Kwai Community Live Streaming” “Code of Kwai Community Comment”.



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