MEDATURE: Power of Scientific Skincare With Strength And Reputation

The American skincare brand MEDATURE has launched in the Chinese market for just over a year and has been widely accepted by the industry and consumers.

With the fierce competition in China’s skincare market, combination between medicine and science has become a must for major brands and it is also a key point for niche brands to open up their business. The American skincare brand MEDATURE has been in the Chinese market for just over a year and has been widely recognized by the industry and consumers thanks to the efforts of Dr. Bergman, the brand’s chief research and development officer and a leading American dermatologist.

Data shows that nearly 1.1 billion people in China have sub-healthy facial skin, of which about 400 million people have damaged skin. In the past two years, “sensitive skin” and “repair skin barrier” have become popular keywords for skin care.

Based on the widespread market demand, many global brands, such as Winona and La Roche-Posay, have invested more in recent years. American professional scientific skincare brand MEDATURE also entered the market in 2017 with its strong academic backing, professional research technology and brand philosophy.

In addition to being a dermatologist, Bergman has many identities, including the founder of the field of contemporary skin typing in the United States, the founder of the Global Dermatology Advisory Board, and the founder of medical aesthetics teaching in the United States…… It is reported that Bergman decoded the secret of unlocking healthy skin energy earlier and proposed the concept of reducing skin care formulations – Clean Beauty. He obtained the latest research and development in clinical trials and research, which coincided with MEDATURE’s skincare concept of combining technology with nature. In 2017, Bergman was invited by MEDATURE as the brand’s chief research and development officer and joined hands with the top R&D team in the United States to create the brand MEDATURE, which was officially launched in China in March 2020.

In its official flagship stores of Tmall and Jingdong, Qeyes noticed that MEDATURE has solutions for different types of skin, such as oily & dry sensitive skin, oily & dry sagging skin, oily & dry dull skin, etc.

As for the choice of ingredients, Bergman has maintained a consistent scientific rigor in the creation of the MEDATURE with insisting on the combination of technology and nature. She says, “I will only use those active ingredients that are supported by science. Based on that, I will always choose its ‘natural’ version.”

By adhering to the research and development philosophy of “safety, efficiency, innovation and precision”, MEDATURE products are both gentle and truly effective and are widely recognized in the market.

MEDATURE has been in the Chinese market for more than a year and performed well. According to the introduction of the brand, its debut during in the promotional campaign on June 18th in its Tmall flagship store, the transaction exceeded $624,800 and broke through the Top 500 in the Tmall beauty industry. Among them, the star product “PSL Repair Moisturizer” has been rated as a unexpected winner for barrier repair by the media several times and has become a new star in skin care recommended by major KOLs and celebrities.

On the occasion of 2020 Double 11 – Chinese Shopping Festival, the pre-sale of the its Gift Box, led by Bergman Cream and focusing on intelligent healing and repair, sold out perfectly in only 3 minutes with 1,500 pieces. In 2 days of pre-sale, sales exceeded $156,700 again. Since its launch, Bergman Cream was sold 50,000+ pieces. At the same time, new skincare product created by Dr. Bergman – Gentle Makeover Peel which has been developed for 18 months has finally been launched.

As of October 19, 2021, its Tmall flagship store has a total of 46 SKUs, of which “MEDATURE Repair Cream No. 4” has a monthly sales of 4600+ with a total of over 42,000 reviews and 228,000 followers.

The reverence for science and nature has made the remarkable results achieved by MEDATURE in a short period of time. This retrospective scientific skin care journey of MEDATURE has shown more people that product power is the foundation and key of a brand. From this, we can believe that with the efforts of Bergman and its team, MEDATURE will be able to bring more quality products to consumers in the future.



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